A Haunting at Wilderness on the Lake

Before I begin I have to say that I am not saying my experience at this hotel means that it is actually haunted. Spirits have been around me most of my life so these types of stories are not unusual for me to share. However this is the first such incident that has happened to me while I was in a hotel. Enjoy.

A little back story before I really get into what had happened. When I was 15 years old my mother got me this black colored cross. It is similar to a German cross. This was one of the last few things that I received from my mother before she passed away. I keep it close by me so I can cherish it and always remember her. It is common for me when I go on trips that I take this cross with me. Even if I don't unpack it from my bags I know it is there and it is sort of a comfort to me like my mother is always there with me. Yes even when I traveled 1500 miles a few times the cross was taken with me.

On Monday when we left for the Dells we were in the car driving and I thought to myself "Oh crap I forgot the necklace!". I guess I should not be surprised as this was the first time I've taken any sort of vacation in a few years. I couldn't believe I had forgotten it though as this was something I always made sure I took. Which btw this would mark the first time that I had ever forgotten it while traveling. Let me assure everyone it will be the last time I forget it.

Monday night in the condo. You know how you sit there and you feel like you are not really alone? Something else is there but it might not be something that is necessarily living? I felt like this and of course since I am not at home a little bit more of a sense of paranoia comes into play. I go to my room for the night. I start hearing this thumping noise. I pass it off as being from the other people in the hotel. The thing is most of the rooms in this hotel were pretty empty since it is still off season in the Dells. I kept hearing thumping and moving around. I am not saying that it was coming from our condo in particular but it sounded pretty close if it wasn't. Then out of nowhere I hear what sounds like a woman moaning. No I was not watching any sex movies at the time. I do not believe any of our neighbors were having sex cause if they were I would of heard more then just a brief few seconds of a moan. It caught me off guard. Didn't know what to really think. Then I hear my doorknob click. Like someone had opened the door and closed it. I look over there out of curiosity and of course I see nothing. Nothing else happened that night other then me having strange dreams. I did not sleep very well though.

Tuesday night. This is where things get weirder. Naturally I had the same feelings as I did the previous night. I am sitting in the lounge room watching tv. In the lounge room there are 4 track lights that are controlled by a switch. As I am sitting there one of the lights start going through all of the stages as if they are being turned to low, medium, and high. It just kept doing that over and over again for a few minutes. I'm just sitting there staring at it. My father was still awake so I told him to come look at the light. He did and he turned the switch and it stopped. He was on his way to going to bed. I stayed in the lounge by myself. Suddenly the satellite feed in the tv goes out. It says connecting searching for a signal. Again I am sitting there like wtf is going on. The tv had been on all night, probably at least 4 hours at this point, and all of a sudden despite no weather in the area it decides to go off. It eventually comes back on. Then one of the other lights in the ceiling decide to start acting crazy. Turning on and off rapidly and dimming between high, low, and medium. After a minute or two all of the lights in the lounge go off. So now I am sitting there in the dark. I get up and go to the light switch. Nothing on the light switch had been adjusted at all. It was on the same setting that it had been all night. So I turned the lights back on. Sat back down to watch more tv. All of a sudden the picture goes out and it is all static on just about all channels. At this point I decide it is useless to stay in the lounge room so I go to my room. In my room I have static on most of the channels. I turn on one of the stations and lay down in bed. The thumping and the sounds of things moving around starts happening again. Now mind you I have my tv volume pretty low and I am not watching anything animal related. Then I hear what for a moment sounds like a dog barking. No pets allowed in the hotel mind you. I ignore it and lay down. Then once again I hear the clicking sound from my doorknob. This time it was a bit louder then the previous night. I look around and of course I see nothing. Trying not to pay attention to all of this I decide to just sleep with all the lights on in the room and end up falling asleep.

It wasn't until I got home on Wednesday that I had realized this is the first time I had traveled without the necklace. I could just be superstitious but maybe me not having it with me was a reason why I was noticing this stuff going on. Maybe the hotel might have a history of ghosts? Maybe it could of been my mom messing with me cause I forgot the necklace? Who really knows. All I know is next time I travel the necklace is coming with me.


  1. Man nick im telling you, it was your marmmie, she was upset you didn't take her trinket of protection and love. You worry her even in the afterlife, <3's nicks mom ^_^
    That's simply so rad she's still with you, lucky little nick ^_^

  2. Probably was my mom. I searched online to see if anybody else reported anything from this hotel and so far I have found nothing. I might send them an email to ask. I think I am convinced that this whole thing had to do with the necklace.