Good Vibrations

"I'm pickin' up good vibrations"
Been awhile. Lots to say and yes there is a hidden meaning behind my choice for a subject. I will get into that a bit later on. 
First off I am now 32 years old. Big freaking deal. I feel the same. Maybe a bit wiser? Eh, I'm not so sure about that. People say you get wiser as you get older, ok some people say that I am sure. I think maybe I'm becoming wiser about being stupider. If that makes any sense at all? 
My birthday was uneventful. Isn't it usually? It is ok though, I don't need a big birthday blowout or have a ton of people around me to celebrate my birthday. My birthday was fine, well until I logged on WoW and spent a good 3 hours dying on the same boss. Fun stuff. I tried to do a video blog on my birthday. I have the video, I am unsure if I want to post it or go into the direction of making video blogs. I seem to do much better writing out what I want to say rather then to say it in a video. Besides I'm too critical of myself. I thought I looked like a retard. It may of not been that bad, I don't know. Maybe I will post it. I did however come to an conclusion as I hit 32. I want to make a difference not just in my life but in the life of others and I felt like if there was a good time to do so it would be now.
We finally went on a vacation. It has been 2 years since I have been out of Milwaukee so it was rather nice to just get out of here for a few days. We went to Wisconsin Dells. Stayed in our usual 2 bedroom condo on Lake Delton. I really like the Dells area. It is much more peaceful there then the city, much more quieter, and really pretty. Though we did not do a heck of a lot I was content with browsing around on my laptop looking out the patio screen doors at the lake. Though I believe the hotel may of had a few ghosts. I will write a separate blog for that as I really don't intend on writing a mini novel with this blog. 
I sorta had a turning point on Tuesday. We had just gotten back to the condo after eatting at the Pizza Pub, which if you are ever in the Dells I recommend it if you love pizza. We were browsing through these new Dells books that we had gotten and my father came across this place called Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue & Education Center, their website. So we decided to take a drive out there. There was no one else there besides one lady working the booth. Basically what the place does is they take in big cats who are without a home due to zoos closing or people not wanting them anymore. They take care of them until they can get a better place to go. The sad part is they have to turn away a lot of animals since they aren't all that big. Animals who get turned away sometimes end up being put down. My father drove the car around as he would of had trouble walking around but since I wanted to take pictures I decided to walk it. The cats seemed to be really tired and exhausted. They looked well taken care of though. They gave us a list of each animal's name so we were calling them by name. One of the tigers at the beginning of the place seemed to be rather fond of us. Came up close to the cage and was following me as I was talking. Was rather cute. Really seemed to me that they really liked having the attention. By the time I made it halfway through is when it struck me that I really wish there was more I could do to help people and/or animals out to show them that I do care. I don't really think of me as being a selfish person bitching and complaining about what I do or don't have but I just wish I could help out more. As I continued to walk around and take pictures of these beautiful animals I started tearing up. I made a vow to myself if I ever become successful at whatever it is that I want to do that I would donate to this place to help these animals out. Kinda getting teary eyed just writing about this. I know I should probably help myself out first but there is nothing that says I can't help myself and others at the same time. 
One thing I enjoy doing when I go to these condos is relaxing in the jacuzzi. This trip was no different. I spent a bit of time in the jacuzzi on Monday and Tuesday night. It actually really helped heal up my dry skin problem on my feet. My feet right now look really good. The best they have looked in a rather long time. Anyways this is where the title of my blog comes into play. So I'm sitting in the hot tub relaxing and I guess I positioned myself to where one of the jets was right underneath, well you know. I won't get into anymore details about that but yeah the next morning when I was talking about it on facebook with a few friends I used the words "good vibrations" to describe it. Just to clear something up though. I did not masturbate in the jacuzzi. I mean seriously...how many other people have done that type of shit in that very jacuzzi? Ewww. I was not about to add to it.
Wednesday on our way home I wanted to check out Dartford cemetery in Green Lake, Wisconsin. It was featured on the show "A Haunting". I wanted to see what it was all about. So we traveled some 50 miles out of the way. We were just about there when we got the detour for road closings. We took the detour and tried to possibly find our way to it. It was much more a hassle then it should of been so we never got there. Was a bit disappointed. It is ok though cause I believe in the near future we will try to go back there again. Taking a different route. Also, I get to use my new digital camera. Yay!
I woke up Thursday morning and decided it was time for round one of change. I am overweight and really unhealthy. At one point I was on a diet and eatting better and I lost 35 pounds. I drifted away from that and I'm pretty sure I gained it all back. After eatting like a pig while on vacation I decided it was time for a change. I decided to go back to my diet/exercising routine that I was doing when I lost 35 pounds. Of course a few slight modifications this time around. I've been waking up every morning and hitting the exercise bike for about 10 minutes. I do another 10 minutes later on in the day. Usually after my last snack for the day. I also started doing something totally different for me. I've been eatting salads. It only took 32 years for me to eat an actual salad. They aren't so bad and I figure if I am going to eat a bit better I may as well try it out. I am pretty confident that this is just not a brief change but probably a life change.
I resume my job hunting too. Pick N Save, even though I have applied to them so many times, is advertising for hiring. So I'm going to apply again and harass them to hire me. Despite the fact I have been out of work for so long I am so overqualified for grocery jobs that there is no reason for them not to hire me. This time around I will get it!
So that was an update on what is going on with me. I will be following up with the "ghost" story about my trip to the Dells. Hope that one will be interesting for everyone. Hope to have follow up blogs with more good news. 


  1. jetties and feeling your balls vibrate <3 And you didn't twerp the whistle...xD bah!
    I picked out the most interesting thing in that entire blog and used it. Oh good luck with the job hunting ^5!!!! nickster <3

  2. Thanks and go figure you pick that one thing to comment about out of everything else in my journal.