The Ghosties won't leave me alone!

Well it finally happened. Out of all the times I have been to a cemetery walking around taking pictures and doing evp type stuff I finally got kicked out of a cemetery. I've even been in cemeteries at 3am and have never had any problems. Except for the one time on Halloween when we came out of Our Lady Queen of Peace cemetery and cops were waiting for us. They pulled us over and asked what we were doing. Chris responded with "We are ghost hunting". Probably not the best choice of words but hey he was being honest. Anyways yes I was kicked out of a cemetery, I will get to that later though.

After my little encounter Friday night I decided that maybe I should set up the night vision camcorder in my sister's old room. I wasn't sure if I was going to get anything conclusive but I figured it was worth a try anyways. I had fallen asleep before I wanted to set it up so I did not set it up until around 3am. It wasn't a totally bad idea since my encounter the previous night occurred around 3:30am. I turned on the camcorder and faced it towards the bed. I left the room and closed the door and went to bed. The recorder recorded for 2 hours before filling up the tape.

When I woke up Sunday morning I decided to sit down and play back the tape. I plugged my headphones into the tv so I could hear the audio much better. I grabbed a pen and a paper so I could write down specific times. Since I ordered a S-Video USB adapter for my camcorder I figured it would be easier to pinpoint exact occurrences for when I put together videos of my camcorder findings. So I start watching the video and at about 8 minutes in was the first unusual noise. Then there would be a period of silence and then another noise. Then another one. I was kinda excited that even if I wasn't getting visual evidence that I was picking up sounds. After 20 something minutes I had paused so I could eat some breakfast. I was however excited to watch and listen to the rest. I watched and listened to the entire 2 hour video. I documented all times on the video and in total there were about 39 different things that caught my attention. No visual all audio. Sounds ranged to footsteps, knocking, tapping, to one of a sound of something running and then it stops with a boom. Some of the noises since I was listening to them with my headphone kinda startled me. I am excited to get this video uploaded to my computer so I can go through it and make a video for youtube to show everyone. Obviously there is something around in this house trying to get our attention. Not all noises on the video are possibly paranormal related. I do have two cats. Usually around that time of the night they are not usually running around like maniacs though. Plus they couldn't get into the room and the majority of the noises sounded like they were right there.

Some more weird occurrences have happened over the last few days. I suppose I should thank the ghosts because they are giving me something to write about. The first one was on Sunday. I am sitting here in the kitchen screwing around on my laptop. Suddenly I get this sensation that someone is like smoking or burning incense. Neither my father or I smoke. My sister however use to burn incense quite a bit. The smell got stronger and stronger for me like it was right there in front of my face and the smell was going up my nostrils. It got to a point where my eyes were agitated and watering. I left the kitchen and it was then gone. It was really weird though. I do remember that spirits do act the same in the after life as they do when they are alive. It could of possibly been my sister getting my attention. I ended up not getting a lot of sleep that night and did not go to bed until late cause my paranoia was running high due to all that was going on.

Last night I was in the bathroom and as I am sitting there I start hearing a tapping on the door. I'm thinking this is of course odd. I thought it could of been birds in the vents right above the bathroom cause they do tend to make homes up there. I debunked that not too long ago though when I was in the bathroom and hear them up there. It was not the same noise that I was hearing. Anyways so yeah I am hearing this tapping. First I think it could be the vent fan. I turn it off. Nothing. I turn it back on I hear it again. I assure you that this is the first time in nearly 24 years that I have heard a tapping on the door like this. It seemed like if it was a spirit that they were messing with me with the tapping. So finally I started to tap back. I hear a tap and then wait a few seconds and tap back myself. I would get a tap response. Did this for like a minute or so. Finally as I would hear the tap I would tap at the same thing. Seemed like we were making our own song out of the tapping. I think I said something like well I can't even go the bathroom in peace anymore and it kinda stopped. Since then I have been to the bathroom a few times (not that people really needed to know this) and there has been no other tapping.

People probably think I am going crazy at this point. I assure you that I am not. I went through a long period of time when I would just things occasionally. Lately I have been picking up on more stuff. It is probably cause I have been paying more attention and doing a bit more with my paranormal stuff. I also had the idea that most likely what I am encountering is spirits of passed away family members. I think they are actually trying to help me out by giving me more stuff to show people and to talk about with more people. At least that is what I hope one of their intentions might be. Of course if they really want to help me out then possibly someday soon maybe they will let me get a video of them or something to that effect. I have yet to get a full body apparition.

Now to the cemetery story. Sunday night I decided that since it was foggy and creepy out that I would walk to the local cemetery. Woodlawn cemetery to be exact. I have been there many times in the past and was even there late at night before, like 1am or something. I thought the foggy setting would make for some creepy pictures. It is about a 10 minute walk so I walked there. I got in there and noticed a car was just sitting there and there was a guy walking his dog through the cemetery. I continued walking along just looking at some graves and whatnot. The lady in the car then pulls up by me and she asks me who I am visiting. I said I wasn't visiting anyone that I was just walking around. She then said to me ok I am going to have to ask you to leave, this is private property and if you are not visiting anyone you are not allowed in the cemetery. She went on to say that they have had a problem with vandals as of late. My only reply was ok and I proceeded to walk back home.

I feel like I should rant about this a bit. I understand entirely about protecting the cemetery against people who vandalize and steal things. However this cemetery has never had a fence surrounding it nor does it say anywhere no trespassing. This cemetery has always been an open area. If you want people to stay out then you need to make some adjustments. I've actually never been questioned about who I was visiting and I have been in a ton of cemeteries. This was a first to me. So people should not go to a cemetery unless they are visiting someone? I call bullshit. Cemeteries are really peaceful and beautiful places to go walking around in. Some people like me go there to walk around for the peace and quiet and take it all in. We can't do that unless we are visiting someone? I was not doing anything wrong either. I was walking around looking at graves. I don't think I look like a punk ass kid who is about to try to steal shit off a grave. Honestly anybody who tries to vandalize a cemetery when it is still light out is a freaking dumb ass. The cemetery hours are dawn to dusk. It was technically still light outside. I was there within the time frame that they say they are open. I did not ask the lady who she was. Who do I know she was someone who was working there? I don't know this. She could of been someone who was there visiting someone. If that is the case who is she telling people they need to leave a cemetery? I should of questioned her but I did not want to start any problems. For now on if this ever happens to me again I am going to play the I am a certified paranormal investigator and certified ghost hunter card and I am just doing some research. Actually I am sorta curious what sort of response I would get if I went that route.

To a point I understand all of this. It still bothers me though. Even though I am all into this paranormal stuff I enjoy just walking around a cemetery and enjoying the peace and quiet. I feel like even that was taken away from me. People who vandalize cemeteries are just horrible. I place the blame on the reality shows of today which promote ghost hunting. Yes I know they think they are educating people with their paranormal research but doesn't anyone else think that they are opening up a can of worms by making people think it is cool to go out ghost hunting? When I first was interested in this stuff it was not mainstream at all. It was like a taboo and people looked at you funny if you mentioned it. One time at a job interview I mentioned that one of my hobbies was ghost hunting. I never did get that job cause the lady looked at me like I was a nut job. All of a sudden though ghost hunting is cool. This teaches people that oh anyone can go out and take pictures and find a ghost. Wrong! Not everyone can go out and do this sort of stuff. People who usually have the best results are those who are sensitive to this type of thing. Not everyone has that "sixth sense". Do these reality shows even teach people that? I wouldn't know cause most of the time I don't bother watching it. Educate people about the paranormal in a correct way if you are going to bring it to the mainstream. Here is a likely scenario. A group of teenagers decide after watching something on tv about ghost hunting that they want to do it themselves. They figure a cemetery is the best place to go. So they go there and they mess around a bit and nothing happens. They get bored. Their boredom and thinking the whole thing is stupid pisses them off to a point where they start vandalizing shit. This is why I think vandalism is on the rise in cemeteries and whatnot. Of course it is my opinion and if someone thinks I am wrong then feel free to add in your thoughts and comments. Most people do not understand that ghosts don't appear on cue. I know that people think it is fun to go vandalize property but it does not surprise me that it seems that it is on the rise in cemeteries due to the popularity of bringing it to the mainstream by the reality shows out there. So please if you go to the cemetery just because you want something to pop out and scare you then don't bother going to one. Some of us people actually go to cemeteries to admire the beauty and the peace and quiet. Be more respectful cause one day your grave could be sitting there in a cemetery and some jackass comes along and knocks it over. How would that make you feel?

Tomorrow I am going to be going to a cemetery up in Sheyboygan that is suppose to be haunted. Maybe I will have something new to add tomorrow.

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