The Ghost Files (E.V.Ps from The Nick)

What is an E.V.P? It is known as electronic voice phenomenon. They are recordings that commonly resemble speech but are not the result of intentional voice recordings. It is being described as something that is paranormal or something you normally do not hear as you are recording. Most people believe it is a way of communicating with spirits. Spirits are trying to tell us or show us stuff and sometimes these handy recorders can pick up stuff.

I first picked up a digital recorder back in December of 2002. I still have the same one. It still works just fine. I use to use it when going on ghost hunts or my own personal investigations. I've shared some of my recordings with various people. Now I am about to share them with everyone.

Last night I went through all of my recordings and recorded them onto my computer. Then I took the time to make short little videos of things that I had found on the recorder. Was a bit of a time consuming process but in the end it was worth it. I hope you all enjoy these recordings. Questions or comments are always appreciated. If any of them scare you, I am sorry. Listen to at your own risk.





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She Would


  1. Wow that's way awesome, you got some clear evp. And dude that one sounds more like a female child.. weird.

  2. Which one sounds like a female child?

  3. the one where your in the grave yard in florida O_O

  4. Oh ok. I see what you are saying now. It is very possible. On other hunts I went on in that graveyard people I was with said they heard children at times.