No Remorse

A story about how a dog in Milwaukee was brutally tortured prompted the title for this blog. Reading and hearing about this story on the news really made me sick. I will copy and paste the article from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.


Where to start with this? Totally disgusting. I'm sure people think "oh it is just kids being kids". I don't know about the rest of you but when I was younger I never thought that poking a dog with a stick and then setting the dog on fire would be a fun way to past the time. I'm a animal lover and any dogs or cats I have had if I was ever mean to them I always felt sad after wards. Some people believe an animal is not as important as a human being because it does not have a soul. Ok so an animal is not like a human but animals do feel pain and emotion. I can not imagine how it would feel to be set on fire like that. I don't want to imagine it. Once again the thought that people could actually do this to something makes me sick.

What's going to happen to these people? Probably not much. They are teenagers so they will probably get a slap on the wrist and then be put into counseling. To be honest that is not going to help. People who feel the need to do things like this already have the mindset that they will grow up to be a murderer. Do I have evidence to back this up? No I do not. It is just something that I think and I know. First they will start off with killing animals. Eventually when they feel like they can get away with it they will move onto humans. Again no evidence to support my claim but think about it. If you were going to one day be a possible killer wouldn't you start off small?

People like this have no place in our society. People are not perfect and they make mistakes but yet when these people commit crimes we feel as if we still have to protect them cause they are people. When you do something so horrible your rights should be thrown out the window cause obviously if you have no respect or compassion towards others why should anyone have respect or compassion towards you? I'm not suggesting that if someone commits a crime that we should kill them off. We are not God and should not control someone's fate in our own hands. Is locking them up in a jail cell or putting them through therapy the real solution to these problems though? A killer could be smart enough to go through all the therapy in the world and convince people he is fine and then through some loophole he gets released back into society and does the same thing again. Bring in some severe punishment for people. Like I said I am not saying kill these people off. One wrong doesn't make a right but for these people in question they decided to poke a dog with a stick and then set the dog on fire. Lets see how they react if they are set on fire and a group of people poke them with a stick. Maybe it is time for people who commit these horrible crimes to see how it feels by having them done back to you. In the case of murder though it would be impossible to repeat unless we murder the person so that would not help in teaching them a lesson. I bet we set those teens on fire for a bit maybe just maybe they will think twice about ever doing that again. Is it sick that I am suggesting it? Maybe but people aren't learning any other way that what they are doing is wrong so alternative methods are needed. No mercy for people who commit such horrible acts. No remorse.

People wonder why such horrible events happen all the time. Earthquakes, storms, flooding, etc. While it is all sad but you have to believe or I believe God is getting fed up with the way people are acting on this planet. He is pissed off and is making us pay for the shit we do. At the rate we are going who knows maybe 2012 could very well happen.

I felt like I needed to vent after hearing this story. It really struck a nerve with me. I got emotional over it. I went around the house looking for my cats so I could go tell them that I loved them and thanked both of them for being in my life. My opinions in this blog are my opinions. I don't think I am necessarily right or I am wrong. It gets tiring hearing stories about what some people do. It is truly sick. I guess though if you want to make yourself famous now a days all it takes is for you to do something horrible. Thankfully some people are much wiser with how they want to be known.

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  1. People who don't think animals have souls or thoughts. Feelings or love. Are obvious morons.
    And If those children's parents didn't show them a razor strap then by goth, they should have! It have definitely put new meaning to "spare the rod"..
    Some People teach their children how to be dicks. Disgusting.
    A poor defenseless animal had to fall in the hands of cruelty.
    Let that have been a human child. And someone would have gone ape shit.

    PLus if you can hurt a small animal or any animal, I agree, you can hurt a human, Leads to destruction. It's not normal to hurt things. EVER!
    ugh.. people drive me nuts..