The Nick returns, keep the midgets away!

After nearly a two month hiatus I have returned to bless all of you with my God like presence. Ok, give me a moment to regather my thoughts after starting off with something as laughable as that. Anyways yeah it has been awhile since I wrote. I guess it was more or less a personal preference of mine to stay away. Then I started to get the itch to write again so here I am with more of my useless bullshit. Enjoy!

The Packers win the super bowl and then everything starts on a downward spiral. Of course this was pretty predictable. I mean isn't that how life works? Something good happens then you then you come crashing down. Maybe I am just doing something wrong? Maybe I just suck at seizing a happy moment and turning everything else into something amazing. Anyways first it was the state of Wisconsin in an uproar over politics and our newly elected governor wanting to gut unions and collective bargaining rights. Tons of protests and whatnot happened cause of this. I don't claim to follow politics nor do I really support anyone. I've paid a bit more attention lately and I can only come to one conclusion. Everyone is insane. No one is right or wrong. Everyone just wants to screw each other over. We are taught at a young age to play nice with each other and work out our differences. How can kids learn to do this properly when adults (in high ranking positions might I add) act worse then little kids? I'm not going to spark a political debate so I'll stop right there.

Ah yes good ole job hunting. I really don't even want to touch this subject cause I'll just end up getting depressed and want to cut myself. Ok maybe not that extreme but still this subject is just depressing. I'm going to start thinking of alternative methods cause what is going on at the moment is just not working out and it needs to stop. With that being said I decided that it is time to do something that I should of done years ago. I'm going to work on getting my license finally. Yeah I'm sorry that Wisconsin will have to deal with another potential shitty driver but it is the best option I have with job hunting cause with a license I can go for a job anywhere. So yeah let's see how this will all play out in the upcoming months.

Last month me and my father were going to go take a little mini vacation to Wisconsin Dells. I haven't been out of the city in over 2 years. We had to cancel cause his knee was acting up and he could barely walk. Then of course being that it is spring time and spring likes to mess with me my knee started hurting and I was having trouble walking myself for about 10 days or so. Yep that was fun. "Hi and welcome to the Kendzierski house for cripples". On top of that I was having some feet problems. Not gout this time. During the winter months here the dry air takes it toll on my feet. They get really dried out and horrible. This year it went a step further and I kept getting random cracks on both feet. Very very painful. We got a humidifier for my room and it has been a lot better since. Me and my father are both finally feeling somewhat better so I think we may try for our Dells trip in a few weeks for my birthday.

Oh yes my birthday is coming up. Two weeks from Monday I will be 32. I don't think my birthday this year will top the birthday I had last year but if we are going to the Dells it should be good. So with me getting older does this mean I'm getting wiser or am I getting dumber? Well I guess I will answer the question like this. There is potential for me to be more wiser about being dumb. Yes I think that is my answer to that question. Maybe I'll figure things out better when I hit 32. Hey there is always hope...right?

I don't want to have an insanely long blog so I'll just touch on another subject. I know the title is deceiving a bit cause I mention something about midgets. Well hell people in my guild on WoW know me as the midget lover so in case any of them take the time to actually read my useless garbage I had to throw in something about midgets.

Ok anyways. The Rebecca Black song "Friday". I'm not really musically talented. I love music and I pay attention to and like a lot of different varieties of music. With that being said, this song has got to be the worse song I have ever heard. Her voice is absolutely horrible. The lyrics in the song are horrible. The whole its Friday part can be sorta catchy but oh my God the rest of it just makes me want to hurt someone really bad. I think the sound of me taking a crap is probably more appeasing then this garbage. She is 13. I understand they try to push kids when they are young to make them into stars and make the world love them but please for the love of God do not let her make another song. My ears can not handle it. Also in the song she talks about partying. What in the hell does a 13 year old know about parties? I mean seriously! The chick can''t even drive yet or drink alcohol or anything else you would associate with a party. A party is not a party unless the cops get involved. Like my going away party in Florida for example! Yeah ok so this song does the trick. It got everyone including me to talk about it. Now just please go away. Far away. Never write another song either.

Until next time this is The Nick saying goodnight and keep the midgets away from me or I will violate them.

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  1. music has gone to hell.. hipsters scene and hard core shit is all over.. Even good bands that were once decent have become shit..I hate it! >_<