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Hello again. At least I didn't wait a few months before writing my next blog. It has been less then a week actually. Go me! Sitting on my laptop blasting music through headphones. Kinda felt like the perfect setting to just write. Plus I'm keeping an eye on the food I'm making. I'm making this velvetta meat cheese dip again in the small slow cooker. I made it for the super bowl a couple of months ago. Turned out rather well so I figure I would make it again. Something pretty easy to cook. So let me go over the happenings over the past week.

The weather would be a good place to start. It is spring again in Wisconsin. What does that mean? Very warm one day and then a few days later pretty cold. Last week we were hoovering around the upper 40s and then on Sunday the temperature shot up to 84 degrees. Of course it was humid on top of it so the house felt miserable which in turn made me feel somewhat miserable. By night time though it cooled off into the 70s. I sat outside for awhile just watching the clouds or any other random thing that was going on in the neighborhood. As much as I admit I am on the computer too much I do love going outside and just sitting out there. I don't have to be doing anything in particular. I am also one of those star gazers. I need a telescope badly. Later on that night we had storms coming this way so once again I sat outside and watched the storm come in. There was a lot of lightning. It was a rather awesome show. Went on for a good 20-30 minutes before the storm actually hit. It was rather windy too. I believe during the storm we had winds up to 60 mph. Monday, Tuesday, and yesterday our weather was pretty ok. In the 60s for the most part but now today we are in the 30s with clouds and strong winds. Suppose to stay crappy like this for awhile. Welcome to spring in Wisconsin. 80s one day and then down to 30s a few days later.

Oh forgot to mention that last Sunday I decided to try to make barbecue pork chops in the slow cooker. Seriously this was the best idea I have had in awhile. Turned out so good and so tender. The pork was falling right off the bones.

Last Friday me and my father are watching tv. Many months ago when he had gotten the 50 inch tv I said to him that all we needed was a surround sound system to go with it. Occasionally I would mention it but nothing too serious though. Well then he finally says to me "we should go buy a surround sound system". I was kinda like "really?". On Monday me and my father went to American to look at systems. The first system that one of the salesmen showed us we fell in love with. Nice sound, nice picture quality cause not only was it a home theater system it was a blu ray player. The price on it was 500 dollars. My father says to me "so what do you think?". I'm like "well it is up to you cause it is for you and it is your money". We decided to take it of course. The guy set us up with all the cables and what not so it would be a kick ass system. We came home after taking a detour to Dennys and I spent like nearly 2 hours hooking the shit up. We then turned it on and bam awesomeness followed. We finally caught up on dvds that we had bought and hadn't watched yet. Twilight Eclipse, Resident Evil:Afterlife, and Paranormal Activity 2. Yes I like the Twilight movies. No comments necessary about it! I like a broad variety of music and movies! Anyways during Paranormal Activity 2 my cats got the shit scared out of them thanks to the surround sound. With the surround sound you can hear all the creepy noises and the bangs of things going bump in the night are extremely loud. At one part the chick is in the kitchen and all the cabinet doors fly open. Now that even made me jump cause I was not expecting it but my cats reactions were priceless. Ozzy literally jumped up in the air and then ran into the kitchen. Loco tucked her tail between her legs and ran underneath the couch. Was pretty funny. I also set up Netflix on the receiver to download movies and programs from the net. Overall seems like this was a really good investment on my father's part. Tomorrow Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows comes out. Looking forward to seeing that again.

How ironic, I start talking about Paranormal Activity 2 and everything on my computer stalled for like a minute. Thank God I have the draft autosave thing for blogger. Of course with me watching that movie I had a tough time sleeping last night. Overactive imagination. It happens for most horror movies and/or paranormal/ghost movies. I blame it on the fact I have had a lot of ghostly experiences in my life so naturally when I watch crap like that I start I guess wondering if I am really alone at that point in time. I kept hearing random knocking on the walls last night. Now I know my family pretty good and I figure my mother and my sister are probably still around in this house looking after us. They probably sense my heightened "fear" and probably do things to play tricks on me. I was sitting by my computer and I heard a random knocking like noise on the wall right next to me. My immediate reaction was to say "oh don't do this shit to me now". Regardless it didn't help ease my mind at all last night. I also hate having to walk downstairs to go the bathroom at night. First of all it is dark down here. We have nightlights on but to get to the bathroom you have to walk past the entrance to the living room and then in the hallway that the bathroom is in you have my sister's old room to the left which is completely dark and then my father's door on the right which of course has a mirror on it. Being in the bathroom is ok other then me always thinking something is going to pop up in the mirror while I am in there. How many times has that happened in a horror movie? Many many times. When you walk out of the bathroom there are pictures of family on the wall straight ahead and then of course my father's door with the mirror on the left side of you. Yes even me, the man who walked alone in a cemetary at 3am before and who has a voice recording of a ghost in a cemetary saying "I asked you to please leave", still gets spooked out rather easily.

Anyways that is about all I can think of for the moment. If I forgotten anything that will just mean I should be back sooner then later for writing another blog. Until next time take care everyone and watch out for them ghosts.

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  1. What Im about to say has nothing to do with this blog... CHIBIIS are terrifying!!!!!! NOOOO!
    And i told you before.. That urn needs to be let go of sort of. Or something needs to be around it to represent love and etc.. superstitious I maybe.. But.. erm.. Its true.
    Have you ever thought Nick you may be a sensitive. Some sort of passage way between here and there after?