Ha! I couldn't really think of a catchy title or what type of song or lyrics to use for a blog title so I went with the next best thing. Will I actually write a blog that does not include something about the Packers? Maybe. I'm sure people are tired as shit reading what I have to say about the Packers every single time I write a blog. So I may spare you all for once.

Life is...life. Geez Nick you definitely are on a major breakthrough to something there. Oh my God! I don't know how else to put it. Time seems to go by super fast. I will turning 32 in a couple of months. 32 and confused as hell as to what it is I am suppose to do. This just confirms my life is life comment because who isn't really confused about what to do with themselves? The vast majority of people probably are confused or they don't know what to do with themselves. I imagine it is just a way of life. You think one thing and then something pops up. Things change and it gets you to think. Then as you think pretty much you are confused as hell cause everything that you once thought you knew you really don't know a damn thing. I'm not really talking about a specific thing here. Just me rambling.

I know I am meant to be a writer. Whether I ever get off my ass and do something about it one day remains to be seen. I think I will at some point. At least I write these stupid blogs...right? In the meantime the question is what am I suppose to do? The answer should be simple really. Get a job, make some money, have some sort of a life, etc. Despite what some people say or may think that is not always an easy task. Maybe I don't put forth as much effort as I should? I do however find it rather annoying that I have a lot of experience working in grocery stores and I have done most positions in grocery stores but yet I can't get a job in one. Maybe it isn't the best job in the world but it is something I know very well. It is frustrating with all the experience I have had that no one will give me a chance. It is possible that the problem isn't even me. The problem could just be the stores here suck. I bet if I went back to Florida and I went back to Publix I could get my job back. As good as an option as that may sound like the reality is I have no place to stay in Florida and moving down there again...um yeah I am sure my father would love that. "Hey dad I'm moving back to Florida again". I wouldn't be shocked to get a "what the fuck is wrong with you?" question. I'd have to be a smart ass and reply with "there is a lot wrong with me". One day I am going to figure something out and then look back at some of my blogs and I am going to say all of that crap is null and void now.

One thing I did think about and I am convinced about is...I am sure I don't want to live in Milwaukee forever. Nothing against my family of course. There is a reason why I have moved away from here in the past? Ready for this groundbreaking discovery? It is simple...I really don't like it here. I'm not going to go off and name specific things I am just going to stick with me not liking it here. It doesn't mean I want to move out of the state. Hell I would love to live near Green Bay. Packer nation FTW! I really like it up north whenever we go on vacation, which seems like ages ago. I also love the Packers and I just think living in Green Bay or close to Green Bay would be awesome, especially around football season. Or I could always go for a fresh new start somewhere new. Georgia would be an option since Andrew lives there. We would have fun times if I did move there. Another option would be...Canada. Sorry Reva but I do not know if I could handle how cold it gets there. I can't stand it here in Milwaukee and you guys have it 100 times worse there. Or yet another option would be some place like....California. California? Where did you come up with that one? I know, it sounds totally random. Well it kinda is random lol. California has nice weather year round and I would absolutely love that. Am I really serious about this one though? Slightly. The possibilities of that ever happening are slim I think. Besides in 2012 California is going to fall into the ocean or so people think. Ok before anyone asks me any questions about moving or whatever I'm just going to say this is all me just thinking at the moment. Nothing is set in stone about me moving or anything. It is just thoughts. Besides I have things to take care of before I can even think that far ahead.

I was going to talk about WoW but I am deciding against that. Ultimately it boils down to if I am not having fun in that game or it is stressing me out then I need to find alternative things to do or quit. With that being said I've been doing other things instead of spending time on WoW.

Anyways I think I am done rambling for now. Hope everyone enjoys my blogs of useless and pointless shit. At least one or two people might find it informative and entertaining.

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  1. thank goth you didn't talk about wow!!!! <3
    kyhahahhaaha! No sex with midgets or milfs though severely disappoints.