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So I stole a line from South Park with the title of my blog. I felt it was fitting since I will be talking about the super bowl featuring my Packers against the Steelers. Plus I really couldn't think of a better title then that. It's been awhile since I wrote so let me jump right in there.

Of course the major news is...the Packers are once again in the super bowl. The excitement hasn't really sunk in quite yet. It did when we won the NFC championship game against the Bears but since then my mood has been sorta mellow. Tomorrow is the super bowl though so I am sure I will be hyped up. The Packers have not been to a super bowl since the 97-98 season. They lost that super bowl to the Broncos. To this day I still say that super bowl was rigged so John Elway could get his super bowl ring. Either way it has been 13 years since they last played in a super bowl.

Football has always been an important part of my life. I love football a lot. I have been following the Packers since the 1987 season. It is a special feeling when you follow a team for so long that they have a chance to win it all. It is also a big sport in my family. Most people in my family like football and watch it. The last time they played and lost it started a downward spiral that lasted throughout that year. No I don't blame the Packers losing the super bowl on what happened lol, it was just part of stuff that went on that year. A week or so after they lost the super bowl my mom died. 13 years later they are back in the super bowl. The number 13 has been an important number in our family for a long time, especially with my mom. So a super bowl win after not playing in the game for 13 years would be huge.

So what do I think about this super bowl? It should be a good game. Too evenly matched teams. It will come down to who can make more plays and which team is hotter. I don't particularly care for the Steelers. They aren't my favorite team nor are they my least favorite team. I enjoy reading all these people who really believe the Steelers will walk all over the Packers. Hate to burst all those bubbles but it is not going to happen. If the Steelers do win, it won't be by a lot of points. There was one guy who wrote on a forum somewhere that the Steelers won't lose cause losing super bowls is just something that they do not do. So when the Steelers lost to the Cowboys back in the 90s that game didn't count? Granted they have won 6 super bowls but don't make a statement saying they never lose a super bowl when it is untrue. It shows that some people really shouldn't say anything if they really don't know what they are talking about. Same could be said for me too though I imagine.

Anyways here is my super bowl prediction. The Packers are on a roll. I don't see them slowing down any. The Packers might not have much of a running game but I see them being able to spread the Steelers defense with their wide receiver packages. Success in the passing game will open up the running game. The Packers defense won't make the same mistakes that they made the last time they played the Steelers. They should be able to get to big Ben and give the Steelers a bit of a hard time. The game will come down to which defense performs better and who makes mistakes. I see the Packers winning this one 28-17. Prediction on the MVP of the game? Aaron Rodgers. He will finally totally step out of the shadow of Brett Favre and do something Favre never did and that is win a super bowl MVP.

This past Thursday was the anniversary of my mother's passing. She has been gone for 13 years now. Hard to believe that it has been that long already. Time flies by. I still miss her an awful lot and I do wonder quite often how life would of been with her around still. How life would of been different with her alive? Those are questions that are never meant to be answered though cause it is something that just is not possible. I do know she is still here with me in my heart and watching over us. She hasn't completely left yet.

Also on that note on Monday I was sitting by my computer and I looked at the window to see if it was snowing out yet. I could see the reflection of the window in the other room. I saw a big mass or shadow move in front of the window in my other room. I looked to see if I could see something in there but there was nothing there. It didn't really creep me out or anything, I just wish it wouldn't of happened as fast as it did.

We had a massive snowstorm this week. Between Monday and Wednesday about 20 inches of snow fell. 16 of those inches fell on Tuesday. I know at one point Tuesday night we were getting close to 4 inches an hour. It was one of the worse blizzards that I have ever seen. The wind gusts peaked at 60 mph. It was like a total whiteout constantly. Since the wind was blowing so heavily we had some massive snowdrifts. One of the snowdrifts went from our back door across our drive to the neighbor's house. It was about 4 feet deep. We could not open up the door. We also had a tough time opening up the front door by the porch. There was another 4 foot snow drift there too. My sister's boyfriend Scott came with his plow to do our driveway and that did little good. The snow was too much to handle for his truck. What he ended up doing was making big snow banks in our driveway for our neighbor to come by with an end loader later in the evening. Crazy weather. The snow is stacked so high that there is barely a fence separating us from our neighbor's yard. Then on top of that we got very cold again. Temps below 0. Welcome to Wisconsin winter.

This is where I will end it for today. Hopefully the next time I write a blog I will be talking about the super bowl champion Packers. GO PACK GO!

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  1. scary....SCARY... >_> i just seen the biggest mosquito in the world!!!