Oh hey, He lives!

It has been awhile since I lasted blessed everyone with my all important blogs about absolutely nothing important. So I have lots to catch up on.

Christmas came and went. Sometimes it is so sad when holidays end. You wait for them and then all of a sudden they are over. Christmas was good though. It was snowing on Christmas day at night time. Really capped off Christmas pretty well imo. It was a good Christmas though and I even got some descent gifts this year!

New Years came and went. Nothing exciting happened. 2009 new years was good, this year just boring. Pretty much me and my father watched the ball drop on tv, said happy new years and then went to bed. lol. Think I spent most of my night on WoW.

This year is 14 days old and not much has changed all too much, yet at least. It is a typical winter here. Chilly and snow every now and then. Nothing major yet. In fact the snow we keep getting is like 1 inch at a time and usually a few times a week. Talk about annoying having to go out and shovel light stuff several times a week. I shouldn't complain cause it could get worse.

I got a replacement playstation 2. Yes I am way behind in game systems. I really don't care though. I still have a ton of own original playstation games and playstation 2 games. Mainly I just play Madden football but I do have to go on record and say that Grand Theft Auto is one of those stress relieving games. Yes going around killing people and having sex with hookers then killing them off is good fun!

I decided to give DC Universe Online a try. I played beta for it a bit and I thought it was pretty fun so I picked up the game. WoW has become somewhat stale again for me. New expansion just came out but it is like the same old crap just with different instances and areas. I'm not saying that I am quitting WoW again but I feel like I should try something different.

DC Universe is definitely diferent from WoW. The combat, the questing, the customization of characters. It gives the game a bit of a unique feel, something I haven't seen in other MMOs I have played. The idea of making my own villain or superhero was something that I have always wanted to do. I've always enjoyed those type of movies and comics. Superman was my favorite superhero when I was a kid. More recently The Joker is one of my favorite characters. You can thank The Dark Knight for that.

Anyways when you start off making your character you get to choose what type of fighting you would want to do. Like dual wield pistols is an option, so is staffs, 2handed, etc. You also pick if you want to fly, super speed, or acrobatic. You also pick to be a villain or a hero and get to choose a mentor appropriate to whatever it is. There is also your fighting style....ie fire, ice, nature, mental, etc. As you level you get to pick up special skills for whatever it is you are doing. When the game starts you are in a beginning training zone. It gets you use to combat and other options within the game. Overall though I am pretty impressed so far with the game. I am just curious as to what the end game content will be like.

Before I end my blog I have to say good luck to my Packers. Tomorrow they face the Falcons again. If they can beat the Falcons then they will advance to the NFC championship game and be one game away from the super bowl. This is a game they can win. My prediction is they will end up getting to the super bowl and they will play the Patriots. Let us see how my prediction will hold up.

Hope I am back sooner then later!

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  1. batman... the joker... DARK KNIGHT!!!!!!!!! super bad ass. Though batman is seriously the most insane super hero ever.. Got ways to kill all the other super hero's if one day he had too... JUST CREEPY!