Hell has frozen over!

December has officially arrived. It certainly feels like it too. Pretty chilly here. I go downstairs earlier and I was freezing my ass off. My father is walking around with a light jacket on. That just amuses me. Most other people would probably turn the heat up or something, not him. I'm not complaining though cause my rooms upstairs and nice and comfortable. It is just funny to me. Just one of those things that my father does that makes me laugh.

I think hell froze over. No seriously I think hell froze over and I did not get a memo about it. What the hell? Seriously if hell is going to freeze over please warn me next time. I'll explain what I am talking about.

Sunday ended up being a pretty weird day. First my Packers lost to the Falcons. They didn't lose by much but losing those close games like that stings and it weakens my already black and crumbling heart. On top of that the Bears win so now the Pack are a game back in the division with only 5 games to go. Come on, the Bears can not...I repeat CAN NOT win the division. Seriously! Pack you better step it up and get it done.

While the game was going on I was talking to Andrew on facebook. We don't always get to talk a whole heck of a lot. He is busy with work and life, gee it must be nice to have a job and have a life but we won't get into that. Anyways I am telling him about WoW and all the changes that were made and this and that. Drew hasn't played WoW in like 3 or 4 years. Since then the game has changed dramatically. He decided he was going to download the game client. I am like ok, shocked as hell. I never thought he would be interested in ever playing that game again. I was going to cast a scroll of resurrection on his account, that way he could play for 10 days and try things out and see if he is interested in playing again. Of course that didn't work so we just upgraded his account to wrath of the lich king 10 day trial. So later he logs on the game and screws around with things and then he decides he is going to come back and play the game again. So yeah after all this time he decides to pick up where he left off. He even transferred his level 70 mage to my server. Kinda nice having him in game again to hang out and screw around.

That was the first shocker on Sunday, the next one (of course happened on WoW again) happened later on that night when I logged on my alt druid in PWMB. Before you ask what PWMB means I will tell you. It stands for "power wash my balls". It was a phrase that we used a lot when we played Star Wars Galaxies. People have come up with other various meanings for it. Anyways I log on my druid and I see an unusual name on in the guild. The guild is pretty small mainly just my alt and a few friends. I used the guild as a bank storage for all my crap on the game. I ask my friend Rob who that was. He tried to blow off the question by saying it was someone I guilded. I laughed and said no I didn't, you just guilded him not too long ago. Then he told me it was Ryan. Ryan was an old friend of mine back from SWG and for a few years on WoW. We hung out quite a bit on game, did instances, some raids, pvp, or just screwing around. I wanted all of us to get into raiding and I sorta pushed the issue a bit much and it was bothering everyone else. I decided I wanted to take everyone from our guild and go to this other guild that I was hanging out with. After that Ryan had stopped talking to me and put me on ignore on msn for about 2 and a half years. So it was a bit shocking to see him on the game. We have been talking again and kinda hanging out like the old days. It is always nice to reconnect with old friends and forget about stupid crap that has happened.

I started this blog yesterday and got sidetracked so I had to save it. Yesterday was my mom's birthday. Had she been alive she would be 68 now. In February it will be 13 years since she has been gone. Time really does fly. It really kinda makes you think that there is a limited amount of time for us to do things and there is always a lot for us to do. It is never too late to enjoy each moment that you have left because life is definitely too short. Besides, we are all going to die in 2012 anyways. =P

The next expansion for WoW comes out on Tuesday. I already preordered the digital download and I am all downloaded and ready to go. Few months back I was convinced that I was going to quit the game for good. Things just got stale and I wasn't having any fun anymore. Since all the pre expansion stuff started I have had quite a bit of fun. Doing some things that I had never done before too. Finally getting to see the entire game. I was challenging myself to solo 10, 20, and 40 man raids with my warlock. I also was trying to solo heroics by myself too. Overall the game that had been stale finally felt fun again.

Then the shattering happened. Not everyone is a WoW nerd so I'll give you some insight to what that means. I'm not really good with WoW lore but I will try it anyways. Deathwing is one of five dragon aspects in the game. He was empowered by the titans. During the War of the Ancients he was driven mad by the Old Gods and he turned against the other aspects. During the second war he suffered many defeats and he retreated to this elemental plane called Deepholm. He recently awoke from a long slumber in Deepholm and erupted through the world causing mass destruction and totally reshaping of the world. This was known as the shattering.

I remember when I logged onto WoW the first time back in the summer of 06. I thought it was amazing. It was such a big world to explore. Storylines, dungeons, quests, etc. Burning Crusade came out shortly after I had hit lvl 60 on my priest. There were more worlds to discover, new quests, new enemies. Wrath of the Lich King came out and it was the same deal. Unlike some people I really enjoyed wrath, minus the staleness of doing the same thing over and over again for 2 years. The areas were beautiful, the music in the areas was awesome, quests got more interesting, etc. I didn't know what to think about Cataclysm when I first heard about it coming out. It seemed like they were just recycling old content cause they ran out of ideas. This is part of the reason why I was unsure if I was going to play it or not. After the shattering happened I logged onto WoW I really felt the same way when I had first logged on the game back in 06. The world was totally different. Most of the quests were redone, rethought up, and some even a lot more "epic" then before. As I went through zones that I always liked to hang out in I was in awe at how things had changed. The world even though it was torn apart seemed much more beautiful and in some areas beautiful in a chaotic way. So with that being said I can not wait to see what Cataclysm has in store for us. I am sure not many people thank blizzard for what they do with WoW but I am going against "the norm" and saying thank you blizzard for giving us a fun game to explore unique and beautiful worlds.

And I shall end there.

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