Tuesday's Gone

I was looking for a bit of inspiration to write a blog this morning. Then the Metallica remake of "Tuesday's Gone" comes on my playlist. That was enough to get me started.

Going to go a bit back in time. The beginning of 1999 I decided I wanted to move out of state to go to Florida to live with my gf Jennifer. Moving at the beginning of January was not the brightest of ideas however. We ended up getting a blizzard here and had I believe 15 inches of snow thus ruining our plans to drive cross country down to Florida. We had another solution though. I would pack up "the necessary things" and me and Jennifer would travel cross country by Amtrak. It was also decided that it would be easier to travel out of Chicago since all the connections basically went through there. I packed up what I could before the trip and before we left for Chicago that day I stood downstairs in my room and I balled my eyes out. I had never been on my own before and I was going to be far away from home. I was scared shitless. I didn't know what I was getting myself into. I was only 19 at the time. The point of my story though is "Tuesday's Gone" was the song stuck in my head that entire day. It was fitting for everything since for one thing we were leaving on a train and it was a Tuesday that we left on. Funny how that worked out huh?

How did that trip turn out? Ha, well I have not been back on Amtrak since. It took us 48 hours to get from Milwaukee to West Palm Beach. There were quite a few times when we were in the middle of nowhere not moving. By the time we got to West Palm Beach I was going stir crazy and I was functioning on about 4 hours of sleep in that time period. The plus side of that experience, I got to see cities like Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Washington D.C.

So what else is new? Well most of the stuff that I was wanting to do I'm going to have to wait until probably the beginning of next year to do. Like my GED, etc. It's ok though, it is something I know I will get taken care of. Money at the moment is well nonexistent but very tight for my father too so the less I'd have to ask him for help with anything the better. Job hunting is also very depressing. I think I have dug myself into a nice big hole being out of work so long. It's ok though because I know I won't stay in this hole forever. There has to be and I am sure there is a way out.

I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows yesterday. I love the entire series and this new movie did not disappoint. It was a pretty dark movie. Bit depressing at times. Of course the ending left me wanting more. The movie is being split up into two parts with the next part coming out in July. Oh joy more waiting! I think there is going to be a sense of sadness when that movie is over with because there will be no more no movies. I know when Star Wars Episode 3 was done and I got home that night after seeing the midnight showing I was a bit depressed. The story had been told and there was nothing more to really be added to it. Waited all that time to know how everything had happened and when it was over you find yourself asking yourself "is that it? Is it really over?". Though I am much more into Star Wars then I am Harry Potter I think I'll be sad when the next movie is over.

One of the characters from the movie is a house elf named Dobby. He first appeared in the second movie "The Chamber of Secrets". He annoyed me a bit in the movie. Then in the "Deathly Hollows" he wasn't so much annoying anymore, in fact he was kinda heroic. His death in the movie is really sad. He pretty much sacrificed himself so everyone could escape from Malfoy Manor. (Don't worry I am not going to go into depth about the movie since some people won't have a clue as to what I am talking about). His death got me thinking a little bit though. Would you sacrifice your life for other people? Could you take a bullet for someone? Would you push someone out of the way of a train, or a bus, or a car knowing you might very well not make it yourself? Do you love or care for someone enough to the point where you would die for them? Weird how something in a movie can get my brain working and asking questions, but I wouldn't perceive it as being a bad thing. There may come a time in all of our lifes where we are faced with these very questions and I am curious as to what people may think. Would I sacrifice myself for someone? Let's hope I don't have to ever really find out. To actually answer the question, if the situation called for it then probably.

Anyways that is it for now folks. A bit different then my last blog huh? Well, no one has pissed me off in the last few days so of course it is different.

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  1. i kid you not... I balled when Dobby dies.. it's so fucked up. I cried even more when Dumbledore kicked the can...werid huh?
    When I first left home at the ripe ole age of 16...I had no choice got kicked out. I wasn't scared since I'd been on my own forever an ways..I hope people piss you off more. I like intense rantings ^_^