I really didn't know what else to name this blog so I may as well just name it Thanksgiving since it is Thanksgiving. It is getting to be the cold time of year here, we even had some flurries yesterday. A sign of things to come for sure. Lows tomorrow night are going to be in the middle teens. Winter is already well on it's way. Which means Christmas is coming, well actually a month from today is Christmas. As I drove with my father today to go to my brother's house I saw some Christmas decorations out already and saw this amazing sunset too, which of course I did not have my camera so I couldn't get it. The decorations made me think to myself "you know Nick you could possibly have a bit of holiday spirit left in you after all". I am actually pretty anxious to see other people's decorations this year. Maybe I won't be the Grinch this year?

Thanksgiving this year was pretty descent and not really that eventful. That is ok though. I am fine with it being a bit quiet and laid back. Food was good by my brother's house. Conversation was descent. My brother is going to be on the lookout for me for an acoustic guitar. Being a garbage man has some advantages. People throw away nice shit all the time. I really want an acoustic guitar. I don't play guitar nearly enough but I was kinda slowly starting to teach myself chords, something that I have not done in all the time I've played guitar. I got off track a little bit. We sat around, watched some football, ate, talked, ate a bit more, talked, ate even more, and then I had some lightsaber duel with my nephew. It was a good day. Which is really good cause some of my memories of this day just really aren't that great.

Course not all of the day was perfect. I started having a flashback or well thinking about my mom's heart attack on Thanksgiving 22 years ago. I was only 9 at the time but I still remember most details from that day. I guess though there are some things that you just won't forget about it or maybe it is those things that remind all of us how precious life is, how life can change without any warning, and to give thanks for what we do have in our life. It didn't really bother me for too long to be totally honest. I thought about it a little bit remembering what had happened and I said to myself "Nick you aren't going to do this to yourself today, just enjoy today and not think of the bad times". Sometimes I even give myself good advice and I follow it.

Maybe I don't always show it to people but I would like to say that am thankful and grateful for everything in my life whether it be family or friends or whatever else. Without a few certain people I don't know where I would be today.

In other news...I finally got my DC Online Universe beta downloaded and working. My first impression....fun game. I have yet to figure out stuff like how to access the chat bar or friend's list or things like that but I also haven't played it all too much yet. I like the storyline of the game and the interaction with the various superheroes and villains. It is pretty bad ass, to me at least, to fight side by side with someone such as Superman. I like how you can customize your own superhero or villain. They get unique abilities and whatnot. Like one of my guys I made a superhero he has telekinetic powers. He can lift people up into the air and stun them with a beam he shoots out. He also has aoe attacks such as a telekinetic push back. He can run super fast and his wall climbing abilities remind me of Spiderman. I also made a villain chick. She has fire abilities. She can burn people and has this aoe burning aura. She also is into martial arts and dual wields pistols. I gave her the ability to fly. Dual wielding pistols while flying is just freaking awesome. I do have to say I am pretty impressed with that game so far. It is definitely something different then WoW.

I was going to write some about WoW but I really did not want an overly long blog so I will talk about that in the next blog. I have quite a bit to say about it. Yeah I know...nerdy shit! If you don't like it, then don't read it.

I hope everyone had a good and safe thanksgiving.

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  1. OMG!!!! i Did miss some... I love dc universe!!!!!!!! Superman should have penis powers though...how they limit male super hero's so sad :/