It's a Mad, Mad World

Welcome to Wisconsin where one day it is 60 degrees and the next day it is in the 20s. That about sums up our weather for this week. It is pretty mild outside atm but overnight it is suppose to drop down into the 20s. Some parts of Wisconsin are under a winter storm warning while other parts were under tornado warnings. Tornadoes in November, how weird. Later on this week we are suppose to have a cold mess...rain and snow. If the weather systems track differently we could have a white Thanksgiving. It would not be the first time.

Some people I think shouldn't be allowed to age simply because as they age they get stupider. Now don't get me wrong as I know I am far from perfect but some people are just absolutely unbelievable. Don't you feel like at times slapping some sense into someone and asking them "wtf is wrong with you?". I encounter some pretty dumb people online while playing WoW. It makes me wonder how people even know how to turn on a computer. It also makes me wonder do these people really act this way in real life. If they do then it is no wonder why this world is going to shit. Though I am not entirely sure of the whole 2012 thing but maybe it might be good in the sense that it will be a good population control for the world. Am I saying that I want something to happen? Not necessarily cause for all I know it might just dig my grave.

Packers went into Minnesota yesterday and kicked the crap out of the Vikings. It was good to see them go in there and dominate. They are playing the way that they should of been playing all year. The next team up is the Falcons. It will be a rough game but I think the Pack can pull it off. As for the Vikings they fired their coach today. I am not surprised. I kinda called it yesterday after the game. A lot of people blame the problems of that team on Favre. I however disagree. Call me a Favre supporter or a Favre lover. I don't deny he has always been my favorite player. He is part of the problem this year cause he is playing like shit. The team in general is playing like shit though. Offense, defense, and special teams. All of them are playing like crap. Favre is the scapegoat cause he is the quarterback, a leader of the team, and well popular media attention. But let me ask the sensible people something. Is it all Favre's fault when their defense is playing like shit like they did yesterday? I don't think he had any bearing on the defense giving up 4 touchdown passes, or missing tackles, or not getting to the quarterback, etc. Is it Favre's fault that his receivers can't catch passes or that while running a route they fall down leading to an interception? I think people see my point. Favre can be blamed for some things but the entire downfall of the team is blamed on the team.

Tomorrow on WoW we have a special event happening called "The Shattering". A lot of things in the world are going to be destroyed and changed forever. It should be pretty interesting to see what everything looks like. It is almost going to be like playing a brand new game.

Oh yeah I got a beta invite for DC Universe Online. The only problem is that the game is taking forever to download. Seriously I've let it download for the past few nights and it still has like about 3 gigs of information to download. So annoying. I really want to try out the game. I want to see what it is like. I've heard good things about it thus far.

I am sure I'll be back with another update this week. If I am not then I wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

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  1. downloads >__> only way i can play an mmorpg i want though..DC BETA score heavy!