Hello everyone. Nick is back again for yet another pointless meaningless blog! Oh come on Nick you know some people enjoy your blogs and it gives them something to do. It is nice to have readers and all but totally not why I write for. I realize what I may find important to say might not be necessarily important to another person. With that being said here we go again.

So I am in Target yesterday buying the Nightmare on Elm Street remake and this guy comes up to me and wants to sell me his $15 gift card for 15 dollars. He needed money apparently. He said he would stand in line with me to verify that it was a legit card. I could of been an ass about it but I declined nicely. Want to know what I was thinking? Of course you do.

1) I don't know you dude, don't talk to me. Go away!
2) Cause I don't know you I sure as hell am not giving money to you even if it is legit.
3) I had no money to give in the first place.
4) You sure you aren't a child molester or a sex offender or something cause you sure as hell look like you could be one.
5) How do I know you didn't beat the shit out of an old lady to get her gift card?
6) I am not standing in line with some weird guy that I do not know.
7) Don't talk to me. You aren't cool enough to associate with me. I'm too awesome for you to comprehend.
8) Fuck off!!
9) PWMB!!

I kinda made some of those up as I went along, you know to add a little bit of humor to the story. Seriously though if I do not know you chances are I am not going to trust that I am not going to get fucked in the end. Would someone of done differently then what I did?

Watched Nightmare on Elm Street remake yesterday afternoon. Why is it that Freddy after all these years still manages to bother me? As I think about it though it is horror movies in general. Well not all of them but stuff with like ghosts, demons, Freddy, etc bother me. I blame it on my overactive imagination. That and given some of the stuff I've seen in my life I think movies through my imagination into this loop that causes me to over think things. I did manage to get a descent amount of sleep last night but still.

Some of my actual nightmares I have with Freddy in them are not even bad at all. One of the last times he appeared in my dreams he wanted me to help him kill people but in order to do that he forced me to have sex with this really hot chick. Really? That's all I had to do to hang out with Freddy and kill people with him? Well shit sign me up! If banging a hot chick was the difference between life or death I don't think I would think twice about it. Sorry Reva!

Took Ozzy to the vet today. He is doing just fine. He is a big cat though. He weighs about 14.3 lbs atm. He is healthy though and the vet said his weight is not really a problem. Disappointing though that there were no hot chicks at the vet's office. I am definitely in the wrong state. Fuck you Wisconsin! I am just kidding for the most part, or am I?

People think facebook is evil. It is, however I've managed to find a bunch of people I use to go to school with, some other old friends, and relatives. Though I may not talk to them much it is always nice to know people are still alive. A old friend of mine found me over the weekend. I haven't talked to him in like 13 years I believe. Time flies by so quickly. His name was Dan and he was the inspiration for the "Ode to Dan" song I wrote back in high school. I don't even remember why I wrote it. Probably cause he was being a dick or something and I thought it would be good payback. I do have the song on my other computer and I made a lame video for it. I should share it with everyone some day. Either people will think its stupid and immature or they will find it funny. Back in high school people liked it though.

Anyways I am out for now. More blogs to come as I am full of things to say now a days. Which I have not decided is a good or bad thing yet. What do you people think?

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  1. fb is not evil.. not as evil as craigs list!