The Rage

"Like a tiger in the cage
We begin to shake with rage"

Good song by Judas Priest. Totally describes some of my emotions from today. Quite sad cause most of it is from watching a stupid football game. Can't help it sometimes. Football is my favorite sport to watch and I have been watching it for years so sometimes yeah I really get into it.

The Packers game today left me with a sour taste in my mouth. It was a game they should of won but with the way they played they deserved to lose. The team at the moment is plagued with injuries and whatnot. I don't think that should decimate the team though. Other people just need to step up. I think it is more of a mental thing really. A player goes down and automatically it is the end of the world. I blame poor coaching for that. When players go down I think it should be up to the coaches to say ok so we have had bad luck with injuries but let's just get some other people to step up and perform. Make it a point to let other players know that if someone goes down they get a chance to step in and shine.

In my last blog I talked about Aaron Rodgers, now I'm going to mention him again. I don't think I am being too hard on him and if someone is going to come along and say "I'd like to see you go out there and put yourself in his shoes". Don't bother telling me that. I am not a professional football player, however I have been watching it for 23 years so yeah I have some of my own opinions on things. He was one of the main reasons why the Packers blew the game against the Redskins. You have the ball with less then a minute left in the game and you are driving down the field. He runs for a first down but instead of being smart about it he doesn't run out of bounds. Then they waste like 8 seconds or so deciding if they should call a timeout. If he went out of bounds they would of gotten at least another play to drive them closer to a field goal. Instead they didn't and Crosby misses a field goal. You know what? When they lined up for the field goal I said he was going to miss. I was right. I hate being right but I just knew how this game was going to go. Then in overtime Rodgers throws an interception. Few plays later the Redskins kick a game winning field goal. Not a shocker. Rodgers has yet to prove to me that he can play in the close games and come out on top. If you want to see what I mean take a look at the 2008 season. They lost I believe 7 games by 7 points or less and in all 7 games we had a chance to win but it could not be done. Look at the playoff loss to Arizona last season in overtime. Rodgers fumbles the ball and Arizona runs it in for a touchdown to win the game. The irony of this is Favre was notorious for making some bad decisions that cost the Packers games. This is something that is repeated all the time when they bring up how Favre is. Now can someone honestly tell me Rodgers has not done the same exact thing?

I know the Packers have more problems stemming deeper then the play of their quarterback. I am however really critical of the play of the quarterback because I am reminded all the time that people in this state love Rodgers and feel he is a superior player to Favre. I really don't know what kind of drugs people are on but pass some this way, seriously. I know Packer fans are all bent out of shape cause of what Favre has done the past few years but you guys really need to get over it already and focus on what the Packers currently have. Someone online made some kind of comment on this message board saying that Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback the Packers have had since Don Majkowski. Are you serious? Do you know how much I laughed when I read that? The majik man was descent but he wasn't "great". The Packers had one good year with him at qb. Then the next few years he was injured. So Favre never existed as a Packer then? I guess we didn't win a super bowl with him. I must of dreamt that. My bad. Rodgers is a good quarterback but until further notice he is just good, not great. Certainly not the best quarterback the Packers ever had.

The Favre sex picture scandal is pretty interesting too. Sports players, celebrities, etc do think they are above everyone else and can get away with doing anything. I find it funny that it took about two years for this incident to come out in the open and it is not even being confirmed by the chick who claims all of this. Makes me wonder though how many guys out there do stuff such as this and nothing ever gets said. If I had a big penis I would probably text pictures of it to chicks. Ok maybe not but I can guarantee a lot of guys would. So what if he really did? Is this worse then a NFL player getting accused or rape? Or murder? Or the whole Vick thing? We hold these celebs to a higher standard then most people but I also think they we have this sense that they shouldn't be able to mess up or do something that is out of the ordinary. They are human after all. Also did you ever think that this whole thing came out cause maybe someone is pissed off that Favre only lasted on the Jets for one year?

Remember my thoughts and opinions are my own. Disagree with them, agree with them, bash them, hate them, etc. In the end I can say what I want cause this is my blog!

Otherwise not a lot else to say at the moment. I've said what I wanted to about a few things and I rather not make this a terribly long blog so I'm going to end it there. Who knows you might see another update tomorrow.

I leave you with the song "The Rage". Enjoy.

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