It is now officially fall. Certainly feels like it outside too. I believe it went into almost the upper 30s overnight here. I'm going to have to take a walk around and see the leafs changing colors.

Ever hear the song 'October' by Evanescence? I think it is a pretty good song. Then again I'm partial to Evanescence and well Amy Lee. Hey people are allowed to have a celebrity crush, mine just happens to be Amy Lee. I absolutely love her voice. I like naming blogs after songs but I never usually share the song with people. I'm changing my ways, for this blog at least. Here is a youtube video of the song 'October". I hope my 1-2 readers enjoy.

This day is off to an awesome start though. First I came downstairs at like 7am to go to the bathroom and there was cat puke on the floor. I cleaned that up and went back upstairs to go back to sleep. Just now I went downstairs to see what the cats were up to and what did I do? I stepped right in cat puke. Yay! I suppose though if that is the only real thing I have to complain about then that is a good thing.

There is this short story writing contest where the grand prize is $1,000 dollars and your story gets published in a magazine. Some honorable mentions get published too. This is something I could totally do. Back in grade school I had a series of short stories that I had written. It was called "The Mud Monsters". People liked the stories but I never thought they were good. Do I ever think anything I do is good though? The stories were centered around me and my friends. We would battle monsters threatening to kill us and then in the end we would be looked upon as heroes as we stopped the monsters. Of course we also always got the females too. Yes even in 4th grade I was writing stories that involved "hooking up" with females. Back to the point though. Totally something I can do. I can come up with something and submit it. Good enough to win? Sure, why not? I have tons of ideas brewing inside my head. I can come up with something brilliant. I mean it is me after all.

Ever notice how when people change they really seem like a person that you never actually knew? I'm not going to use a specific person as an example. Like say you are with someone and you are living in a cold weather state such as Wisconsin. While they are with you they hate the state. They can't stand the cold, can't stand the snow, get sick all the time, etc. Years down the road you are no longer with them but now all of a sudden they love living in a cold weather state. They love the snow and now they can never picture themselves living in a warm weather state. This person while they are with you couldn't stand a lot of various different things. Like they didn't like dancing, or a certain movie, a certain band, certain foods, etc. Then suddenly they aren't with you anymore and now they like all of those things. Here is my take on all of it. They never liked being around you in the first place. Anything you liked they disliked because they either weren't happy or they just weren't into you that much. Therefore as an attempt to distance themselves from you to make it seem like you two have nothing in common they hate everything that you like. When they are finally away from you they feel like they can now act like the person they want to be. It is rather amusing to be totally honest. If you don't like the person you are with or you don't want to be around them then just don't be with them. It is that simple.

People who are also double standard I find funny and yet interesting. It is ok for them to say or think a certain way but another person feels that way then oh my god it is the end of the world. Lets use the "freedom of speech" card as an example. Someone doesn't like Obama. Before I go any further I am glad I am really never been interested in politics so really I never have an opinion on the subject. That is my choice. Anyhow someone doesn't like Obama so they express. Someone else comes along and says I like Obama don't be bashing them. The person who likes doesn't like Obama comes out with the freedom of speech card and says I can say whatever I want whether it be negative or not. A 3rd person comes along and like me they are not interested in politics at all. They really just don't pay attention to anything and they go with the flow. They have no opinion to voice. Now the non-Obama supporter with the freedom of speech card comes out and degrades the non political person by saying that is what is wrong with the country, people not stepping up and trying to improve things. Wait though why would it be ok for the non-Obama supporter to speak their mind about this and that but the non political person is in the wrong for not having an opinion at all. If we are going by the whole freedom of speech argument shouldn't he be in titled to his own opinion and way of thinking? Isn't it a bit double standard to say that what he is doing is wrong cause he does not show support one way or another but in turn you tell someone else you have your own rights cause you are in titled to freedom of speech. Isn't he in titled too or am I missing something?

It is funny sometimes looking at what other people say or do. People would tell me to just worry about my own life. That is just fine if people would want to say that but...I am in titled to my own opinions. You know, the whole freedom of speech thing? It is also something that was on my mind so I figured I would just write about it a bit. I, like always, have plenty more I want to say but I'm going to end it at that. Once again my thoughts and my views are not about anyone specific. Though I am sure someone might think it is.

Until next time take care my loyal 1 or 2 readers!

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  1. I love october... when will it get here.. how many more months?