Number 50

My 50th blog. Yay! Time to celebrate. Actually it really is not a big deal at all, I'm just having a hard time coming up with some other title for this so I figured I would use something simple. Compared to my livejournal this blog is pretty small. Overall there are 756 entries in my livejournal. Which I am honestly thinking about clearing out and deleting everything in that journal. Sure it is funny to look back on and read it but sometimes it is good just to wipe out the past completely and there are probably things in there that I would not like to remember. I don't know though cause some of those things I use to say in my old journal are a good indicator of how I may of changed over the years.

Been about a week, ok longer then that, since I last wrote anything. Not that I haven't wanted to write of course. I've had sinus issues for the past week. They have been getting better but at some points it really sucked. Best way I can describe it: felt like a fat person sitting down on my face putting pressure on my nose. Not that I know what that feels like, I'm just assuming that is what it is close to. No offense to fat people around the world, I'm one of you too. Much love to you fatties! Anyways so yeah that has been off and on for the past week. During the colder months here in Wisconsin I seem to get that once a month and it lasts usually a week. I just call it "The Nick's version of being on the rag". Once again no offense to women and their monthly visitor.

The Packers beat the Favre led Vikings last night 28-24. I am not as happy about the victory as other people are. I think people are foolish to believe that the Pack is back on track and whatnot. They barely escaped with this game. For starters one of their touchdowns was not a touchdown. The tight end clearly didn't have possession of the ball when he went down in the back of the end zone. The Minnesota coach is clearly a retard for not having challenged that play. Then later Minnesota drove down the field and scored an apparent touchdown that was called back due to a challenge on the play that the receiver did not have possession. After seeing the play a few times I call bullshit. They claim the ground caused him to gain possession of the ball. Again I call bullshit. He had trouble catching the ball at first but when he hit the ground the ball did not move at all. Had the ball moved at all as he was coming down then yeah it is not a catch. I disagree with the call but then again who am I to say what is what? Minnesota ended up with a field goal instead of the touchdown which would come into play later as if the td stood it would of been 28-28. Favre nearly pulled it out at the end but came up just short. I thought the Packers offense moved the ball better in the game but clock and game management are still pretty terrible. People also say Rodgers outplayed Favre. Are you guys really sure on that? Granted he did but Rodgers did not even look that great. 2 interceptions and some of his passes were just horrible. A win is a win though but let us see how they play against the Jets.

People are really supportive of Rodgers and saying he is the best quarterback we ever had. Joe Namath went on to say Rodgers is the 3rd best qb playing right now. I disagree. Are you telling me he is better then other quarterbacks who have won playoff games, won super bowls, etc? Rodgers is better then Favre? People are going to disagree with me but there is no way he is better then Favre. Rodgers has not proved a damn thing yet. He has the stats but in games decided under 4 points or less he has a 2-11 record. He also has no playoff victories which means no super bowl rings. Rodgers is a good quarterback but I am not going to call him great. I am also not going to say he is the best Packer qb of all time. I understand Packer fans hate Favre now and are overjoyed that we beat him last night but you have to remember all the good things he did with us. He is the only qb besides Bart Starr that led us to a super bowl title. I sound like a broken record with some of the things I say about this subject. I'm going to close this argument by saying if you really want to stick it to Favre and prove we are a better team without him then win a playoff game and/or the super bowl. The last Packer quarterback to win a playoff game other then Favre was Jan 8th of 1983. The qb at the time was Lynn Dickey.

I always find myself talking a lot about football in my blogs. It is my favorite sport and during the week I always see these people saying this and that about various things. Maybe I am a bit critical of the Packers and Aaron Rodgers but I think the points I make are pretty valid points and are pretty accurate. If people wish to disagree with me, feel free.

Halloween is coming up next Sunday. This is my favorite holiday. I love watching all the horror movies that they put on around this time of the year. Even though some horror movies still get to me a bit. I can't help it though, overactive imagination. Last year they played I believe most of the Halloween movies in a row. I like those movies quite a bit, with the exception of Halloween 3. Halloween 3 was a horrible movie and had absolutely nothing to do with Michael Myers at all. I also didn't care for the Halloween 2 remake by Rob Zombie. I liked the first remake he did, the second one though not so much. This year I may get like a Jason mask and dress up a bit and hand out candy to the trick or treaters. I know on a few occasions I have done that and I've scared a few people.

This reminds me of a story back when I worked at Publix. Oh yay story time. Yay! Don't I usually have good stories? Yes I do damn it! Anyways we were going to have a Halloween thing at work so we were allowed to wear costumes if we wanted to. I figured this would be perfect for me to not have to wear my Publix uniform. So I grabbed some grudgy type clothes and dressed up like I was Jason. How embarrassed was I to get into work and find no one else dressed up for Halloween. I literally at that moment wanted to crawl in a hole and either die or not come out for a very long time. One of the cashiers wanting to punch in made a comment like "typical man". Typical man cause I dressed up for Halloween and was wanting to have some fun? I didn't know that fun was not allowed. When the other stock clerks saw me in the back room they all thought it was pretty cool. I put on the mask and went to work. I had a lot of fun that day. I was like a main attraction cause not many people did dress up. So many people got freaked out when they turned down the frozen food aisle and saw me wearing the Jason mask. Some people literally jumped and looked like they nearly had a heart attack. It was a fun day. I still find that one woman's comment funny though. Typical man.

I'm sure I will be back with some more writings in the upcoming week until then...take care everyone. Yes I'm talking to my 2 or 3 readers!

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