The Holy Gospel according to The Nick

Jesus said to The Nick. "You are the most awesome individual alive. Seriously bro get off your fucking ass and do something useful. The people need you. Now go and spread the word my brother to the millions and millions of people who are waiting for you to do something amazing."

Ok the inspiration for that came from this book I got in the mail today. Some religious group in Washington D.C sends me a book full of gospel readings and then says please send me money. How about you send money to "First church of the Nick" instead? Seriously. Donate to me. I am awesome!

Ok so I'm in a bit of a weird mood today. If you people have not noticed that is. I've also been thinking a lot about a many different things. Not like that is any different then how I normally am. I woke up the other morning and I thought to myself why the hell am I just sitting around waiting for something good to happen. Nothing good is going to happen unless I take the time to make something happen. I know I've been looking around for a job, in time I'm sure I will find something. I'm referring to other things though. So with that being said I am going to finally check out about getting my ged. It has been long overdue the way it is. I figure I start with that then I can consider other things such as maybe taking writing classes or computer classes or just something. The point is the time for waiting around is coming to an end and the time for taking some action is coming.

I don't normally mention a lot about WoW in my blogs. That is the nerdy side of me that I am sure not a lot of people care about, well unless you are in my guild and reading this. I've finally got to a point in my mmo gaming where I do not feel stressed out. Why should anyone log on to escape their real life only to be stressed out by stuff that happens in a video game? Sadly though it happens. I found a really good guild though. Really great people. Most are pretty friendly and laid back and easy going. Though I have to admit when I first transferred servers and went to this guild I was pretty quiet and just went with the flow. I came from a guild I was running and leading raids to a guild that I was just another person. Bit of an adjustment. As time went on I've been getting to know other people and I think the shyness is going away somewhat. I'm naturally shy so it probably takes me longer then most people to open up. Unless it is me writing in this blog I keep things to myself the majority of the time. Those who really truly know me though know that I am not always a very quiet person. Anyways I get off track very quickly. I am glad to have found a home with the guild I am in on WoW.

Ok enough nerd stuff for now. It appears my Packers are in serious trouble. The next 6 games, even though they are playing a few 1-3 teams, looks pretty rough. Rodgers might not even play against the Dolphins. Great. So going with only 2 quarterbacks on the roster may not be such a good idea anymore? I am really beginning to believe this season may be lost already. Too many injuries, horrible play calling, inconsistent playing, etc. I am not saying they can't turn it around but if you watch this team play there are no signs of this being the super bowl team everyone thought them to be. Let's hope I am wrong. Though as we all know by now, am I really ever wrong? Ok thats a joke people...laugh damn it!

Yesterday eight years ago was the first time I ever went on a ghost hunt. It has also been about five years since the last time I went out ghost hunting. So sad. Someday I really need to get back into doing that. Like I said there is always stuff going on around me and it is interesting to me. Last night for example I went downstairs to go to the bathroom about 1am or so. In my sister's old room there is a touch lamp. When I had went in there it was off. When I came out I was in the kitchen for a little bit then I noticed there was a light on in that room. It was the same touch lamp that was just off. Ok so maybe the cats could of turned it on by screwing around on the table? Of course, if they were in that room and not in the kitchen with me. Maybe the bulb is about to die or something? Possibly. The fact is touch lamps in this house go on and off by themselves all the time. Do touch lamps really have a mind of their own? I am going to have to say no but feel free to disagree with me.

Ok so I have spread the word of the Lord for today. Peace be with you my brothers and sisters. Amen.

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  1. Nick, since your gawd and all.. Jesus would be considered your bastard child O_o ooh man. thats awesome, score 900000 your power levels are amazing ^_^!