Yes people there is a story behind the title. I was on WoW yesterday, yes I am a nerd there is no need to point it out to me, and I am reading trade channel. Sometimes trade channel adds this sort of humor to the game while you are bored. Yesterday proved that statement correct. There was this guy who was looking to do a 25 man raid for Naxx. (I am not going to go into explanation on what the hell that is). Naxx was the beginning raid of the expansion. Pretty much easy and everyone over gears it. He was looking for "elite" people cause as he put it he didn't want to carry baddies. Baddies are people who aren't really good at the game and don't know what to do with their class. Anyways some shit talking starts in trade. This guy thinks he is God of WoW or something. Though I play WoW a lot it is not something I would necessarily brag about to other people. Then the humorous stuff follows. He starts linking random achievements and gear he has achieved on the game. After every piece of gear or achievement he links he follows with "get on my level". He kept at this for a good amount of time. Someone would say something back and he replies with "get on my level". It might not seem funny to most people but I found it pretty amusing. All I have to really say is that whatever level of retardation this guy has I don't want to be on the same level as him.

You know though the whole "get on my level" thing would be funny to randomly scream at people for various things. Like for example:

'You can't comprehend my awesomeness...GET ON MY LEVEL!!"
"You know you really suck at life you should GET ON MY LEVEL!!"
"Nick how do you get so many chicks? Teach me your ways! Well it is simple really, all you have to do is GET ON MY LEVEL!!"

Ok I'll stop. You people get my point.

We keep the bathroom door closed so the cats don't go in it. Well mainly for Loco so she doesn't get into trouble in there. She apparently does like the bathtub though. Anyways my father leaves for awhile and I come downstairs to grab something to eat. I hear Loco meowing. I couldn't find her. Then I thought to myself well maybe she is in the bathroom. Sure enough before my father left he did not realize she was in the bathroom and he closed her in there. Poor cat. I don't think she was in there too long though. Was kinda funny though. How counterproductive though. You want to keep her out of the bathroom and instead she gets trapped in there.

So today I am feeling a bit bummed out. Reva was suppose to come in today and be here until the 18th but yeah that didn't work out. I'm sure she is pretty bummed and pissed off about the whole thing. I was really looking forward to seeing her again and now I have to wait probably another 6 months or so. I guess in the end it could always be worse. But still that statement doesn't technically help all too much. I'll deal. I'll find some midget porn to keep me occupied.

I have to talk football for a little bit. If people disagree with me then that is cool. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions just as I am. This isn't about Favre either, for a change. My Packers are 3-1. Should they be 3-1? With the way they are playing I am going to say no. This was supposed to be everyone's pick to represent the NFC in the super bowl. Ok so the season is still early yet but let's take a look back at the last Packer team that won the super bowl in 96. They were favored to go to the super bowl. They came out and just stomped the hell out of most teams they faced. There was no remorse at all. They had various injuries through the year but they went 13-3 and went on to beat New England 35-21 in the super bowl. Packers are faced with injuries again this year and it just seems like there is no aggressiveness in that team. They played the Bears and were aggressive in that game but it resulted in countless penalties which costed them the game. Then against a Detriot team that has won like 2 games in the past 2 years they looked like they were just out there. Not even trying. It was just like they were out there practicing. They nearly lost. They got lucky. I picked the Packers to go to the super bowl this year but all I have to say is if they don't start improving they won't be there so I think it is time for them to shut up about the super bowl and just take one game at a time. Dominant your opponents one by one then see where that takes you. Take a lesson from the 96 Packers cause if they don't make it there I will be highly disappointed.

On to the next subject. Aaron Rodgers being called an elite quarterback. The guy is great. He has put up good numbers in the few seasons he has been starting. He is mobile and has a great arm. However the whole being an elite quarterback I am not so sure of. To me being an elite quarterback would be a guy who can lead his team into the playoffs year after year but not only take them there but win playoff games and maybe even get them into the super bowl. This is why I feel as if the label of elite quarterback is a bit too much right now. Rodgers last year did lead the Packers into the playoffs but he has yet to win a playoff game. Before I can label him as an elite quarterback I think he needs to get into the playoffs and win. Until that happens I can not see the elite quarterback status that everyone tosses around. He will get there someday I'm sure until then I will just call him "a good quarterback".

By the way since I always hear the comparison about Rodgers and Favre I have my own two cents to add to it. Yes Rodgers had better stats his first 2 years compared to Favre. He threw for 4,000 yards 2 years in a row, Favre did not. More tds, less int, better rating, etc. The list goes on. However here is one thing you never hear in any of the comparisons. Rodgers first playoff game with the Packers resulted in a loss. Favre's first playoff game with the Packers was a win. Compare the two all you want people but that last comparison in the end is what really matters. Winning matters, not stats. Sure Favre choked in big games. He also lost a super bowl as a Packer. He also did win one. Regardless of how much people hate or dislike him don't forget he was a key part in turning this organization around.

On that note I shall end this. Three blogs so far this week for me. Getting there. Not that it means I write anything worth while or anything but w/e.


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