The Wait

Patience. It's a virtue right? Something in which I am sure a lot of people lack, including myself. Though over the years I think I've improved in being patient. Doesn't it just suck waiting for things though regardless of what it might be. So here is my current dilemma. For the next six months I am going to have to learn how to be patient.

October was going to be a great month. It is getting cooler outside and the leafs are changing color and are falling. Football season is back. I was going to a concert next month. Most importantly Reva was going to be coming back here to see me. In fact a week from today. Things change though and things don't always go according to how we would like them to. Such is life though I suppose. Without going into much detail Reva can't get the time off so she won't be coming here.

Disappointing? Yes. Bummed out? Yes. End of the world? I don't think this will effect the world ending. Before I go on a rampage that says feel sorry for me and everything I really feel bad for her. She got screwed with non refundable tickets. So she is out quite a bit of money. It really sucks.

The question now is when do I get to see her next? The answer...most likely not until April now. Which is half a year away yet. It will also mean that it will be nearly a year in between us seeing each other. I'm happy to have her in my life just the distance thing really does truly blow. The plan now is for me to go to see her. Which I'm looking forward to. Getting to see a place I've never seen before. Getting to go to Canada again, which I have not done since I was 12. So about 20 years. So in the end things happen and they become out of our control but all is not lost and in the end all you need to do is have a little patience and faith....and well in my case a passport so I can actually go to Canada.

All I can do now is sit here and wait for April to come here. Hence the title of my blog "The Wait". April is my birthday though so that would be a good birthday present. I am turning 32 this upcoming April. Jesus Christ time flies by way too quickly. Before you know it I will be writing that I am turning 40. That is scary to think about.

In other news, as of today we have had Ozzy for a year. Yay. He is a really good and sweet cat. He is trying really hard to get along with the new addition to the house. Ozzy has done a good job though. For the most part Ozzy is pretty well behaved cat. Which is good. Maybe in time I will say the same thing about Loco but as of right now I really can't. Loco is only 11 weeks old though. In time she will calm down. At least i hope so.

With Reva not coming here next month I have a problem with my concert tickets. I really do not like the idea of going alone to see Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax. Problem is I do not know anyone to really go with. I think I will ask my sister Cindy. She seems like she would be my one and only option atm. Might be nice to hang out with her and whatnot anyways.

Nothing really exciting to add. Though I think soon people will get a glimpse at my first shot at an actual "writing". No I am not referring to a blog. I am talking about an actual story in which yes I would like to be a book. Yes I've said this before but this time I really do mean it. The working title for my story is "Into the Void". Yes it is not an original title as I got it from one of my favorite Black Sabbath songs but it is at the moment only a working title. I think it is fitting however until maybe I can think of a more creative name. "How to teabag midgets" could work too, well not really since the book has absolutely nothing to do with midgets.

Anyways I am out for now. I've done pretty good updating my blog the past few months. Just keep it up Nick. Maybe I need to do something different or unique for a future blog. How about a video blog? I am wondering how well that would work. Would people actually want to see my ugly face? Then again sometimes people have a way of surprising me.

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  1. nicck, theres no milfs or midgets in this??? wtf!!!>!