Rock you like a Hurricane

I'd like to congratulate both of my brothers. My brother Jay and his wife Collette just celebrated their 18th anniversary. My brother Bobby and his life Leanne just celebrated their 23rd anniversary. Nice to see couples who can stay together for a pretty long time. Then you get to someone like me and I was married less then a year. lol. I just find it funny. I am the first and the only person in my family to get a divorce. Let's hope when I get married the second time around I won't go through that again.

Weather has been descent here. However tomorrow it is suppose to be warm and humid again. Just freaking awesome. I mean why not wait until I finally disconnect and put away my air conditioner. Oh wait, it did wait! I just finally decided to put it away cause I figured the warm weather was done. Apparently I was wrong. Oh well. What can you do?

My Packers are off to a 2-0 start. Woot. They dominated the Bills 34-7. Of course it wasn't until after halftime that they dominated. Next up is the Bears on Monday night football. It should be a good game. Probably end up being close but I think the Packers should win. Keep it up boys, I want to see you in the super bowl.

Well I've been out of work for 5 years now. I really can not believe it has been that long. Where was the time went to? I'm trying to break the streak. I really want to break the streak. I'm frustrated at the moment with the progress I am making though. But I just have to keep on trying. Never give up.

It was during September of 04, 6 years ago, that I went through two hurricanes. I never thought of hurricanes to be a big deal. I guess that is because the majority of my life I have lived in Wisconsin so of course it didn't effect me much. I did however have my life turned somewhat upside and inside out two times within three weeks back in Sept of 04.

The first hurricane was hurricane Frances. This storm was a monster at one point. 145 mph winds and was heading straight towards West Palm Beach. 2 days before it made landfall I was a wreck. I guess I never thought of the severity of a hurricane until it was coming right towards us. I remember working at Publix and the store was a mad house. People buying up everything they could before the storm came in. Water, milk, canned goods, etc. Of course being in frozen food I was not busy at all. Can't really buy frozen food for a hurricane. I had a breakdown cause I was scared about what was going to happen within the next few days.

On Friday, the day before the storm was going to make landfall, we went through the motions of preparing to leave the apartment to go by Jen's mom's apartment to ride out the hurricane. We decided to not stay in the apartment. They wouldn't let us put up any type of protection from the storm. No wood to board up the windows, nothing at all. We were allowed to put duct tape on the windows just in case you know the window cracked or something. Yep cause that will survive against 100 mph winds. The big concern was the big sliding glass doors in the living room. If something happened to those the apartment would definitely be in trouble.

During the day on Friday the first rain bands made their way on shore. For me seeing the first rain band ever from a hurricane was a memorable experience. It is just like a normal storm but the band of clouds and rain come in so fast and swirl around the eye. It was fasicinating to me so I grabbed the video camera. Which of course now I can not find this tape. It was just a little bit of rain and wind. Didn't last too long. We ended up going by her mother's house. During the course of the night we had more periodic rain bands come in but overall not too bad.

Saturday is when things started to "heat up". The wind and rain got a bit heavier. Of course at some point we lost power. The storm downgraded to a cat 2 with 105 mph winds. Which is alot better then the 145 mph winds it did have. The bad part was the storm slowed down to basically stalled right on top of us. So that left it for us to get pounded with wind and rain for countless hours. I remember going outside with the dog walking around in the wind and the rain. I wouldn't say the wind was very strong, maybe like 30-40 mph or so. Finally at some point later that night the storm made landfall. The winds and the rain got heavier. I did go outside when it finally made landfall. The winds at this point was very strong. Probably 60 mph easily. I stood in the hallway instead of standing out in the open. God forbid I get hit in the head with a tree or something.

The aftermath. On Sunday we decided that it was safe enough to drive home. We got to our road which was like a mini lake. I know in some spots the water was pretty deep but not too bad. It went down after awhile. There were branches and whatnot scattered all over the place. Some places weren't so lucky. Trees down and other various damage. We were without power and well for an entire day we were without water. Over the course of the next five days we would get power and then lose it. It was pretty annoying from what I can remember. I stayed away from work for a few days and when I did go back that Wednesday I learned that I had lost everything in frozen food. So I was blessed with the task of pulling everything off the shelves, cleaning the shelves, and then shooting away the frozen food that was left on the shelves. Frozen food was kinda fun for a few days. Nothing to do until they reset my aisles. When the frozen food truck came in on Saturday I had alot of people help out in restocking the shelves. It was really nice to have the help. That was also the biggest truck that I had ever seen.

Hurricane Jeanne. I'll begin this one with a little bit of a funny story. Sometimes I have the tenancy to think something or say something and then it comes true. This happens quite a bit in regards to me talking about a movie I haven't seen for quite awhile. Then like a day or two later I see it on the guide for it to be coming on. Anyways they weren't happy with what was going on in frozen food. I had just started to rebuild after losing everything due to the hurricane. They wanted me to overstock the shelves. So I agreed to it. I went to order my truck and it came out to be 900 pieces. Ok mind you this was on a Tuesday nearly three weeks after Frances. My normal trucks for frozen food were 200 to sometimes 400 pieces. So 900 was way more then what I normally ordered. After I put in my order I said "you know now that I am ordering so much shit watch a hurricane head right for us". To this day I wish I would of kept my mouth shut. On Wednesday hurricane Jeanne which was not even heading in our direction did a complete turnaround and was now going to hit us over the weekend.

My truck came in on Thursday and I started stocking it and then was told just to put everything in the cooler and not stock in. Which of course I was super happy about that. I then asked them if I should go as far as to start pulling the stuff off the shelves and put it into my coolers. They said I didn't have to go that far. Of course by Saturday they changed their mind.

On Saturday, the day the hurricane was suppose to hit, I went into work. Jen was freaking out cause I went to work. She thought I should of been at home since we had a hurricane coming towards us. We also decided it would be safe to stay in our apartment this time around. Anyways I get to work and I see a ton of people in frozen food and they are removing all of my stuff. It was decided to move as much as we could into the frozen food cooler as the storm was going to hit us directly and overnight went to a cat 3 storm with over 120 mph winds. My frozen food cooler was stuffed and it was an absolute nightmare. Of course I was a bit mad. I mean why couldn't we of started this days before? Why wait until the day of the hurricane to move all of my shit? We shut the store down early and we tried to move as much as we could. The storm was about to hit.

Got home and it was pretty much play the waiting game. Wait the storm out and hope for the best. With no protection on the windows it was going to be interesting to see how the apartment was going to hold up. As the day progressed the wind got stronger and the rain got heavier. We were lucky to have had power for most of it until about 845 at night. Of course this is when things got worse. As soon as the power went off the wind and rain got worse. I said to Jen that I will not go through another hurricane again, this is too much to handle. As the eye got closer to land the storm got worse. The apartment was shaking back and forth, as was the sliding glass door. Jen took some sleeping pills to fall asleep. Me on the other hand I just laid there in the bedroom listening to the wind and the rain. I don't recall ever feeling so scared in my life. As the winds got stronger the apartment shoke back and forth louder. The winds I say were probably about 100 mph. You could hear the winds roaring over the building and the sounds of things being tossed around. The sliding glass door in the living room was making a ton of noise. As was our front door. I prayed to God to give me strength to make it out of this alive. The wind was so strong you could hear the windows start to make this noise like they were bowing inward. I was waiting for the windows to break at any moment. Then as the eye made landfall and passed north of us the winds changed directions. As the winds changed directions a lot of the noises I heard sounded a bit calmer. Instead of the winds blowing right into our building they were roaring over the building now in the opposite direction. Which was good as the winds were not directly hitting our windows anymore. Finally at some point during the night I did manage to fall asleep.

After the storm we were without power for not even a full day. Alot more damage with this storm. Fortunately for us nothing was damaged. We did dodge a bullet though. In front of our apartment building by the stairs there was a pretty big tree trunk. This trunk actually blew right over the building and landed in front of the building. I can't imagine what would of happened had it not flown over the building and instead flew right through the building.

I was called on Sunday by my store manager saying I had to be at work on Monday. Of course I was scheduled off but I still went anyways. I didn't lose all my frozen food this time around. I did lose some stuff though. I remember everyone working in frozen food and our store manager helping out and even giving us free ice cream to eat while we were working. The worse part of everything was the fact that alot of my ice cream had melted onto the shelves. That was just totally awesome cleaning all of that shit up. It could of always been a lot worse.

Overall though looking back at it I am thankful to have experienced that and lived to talk about it. Lots of people go through natural disasters and other various things and never get a chance to share their experiences with others. I consider myself lucky.

In closing, here is a funny thought for everyone. Before I got married in April of 2004 West Palm Beach hadn't gotten directly hit by a hurricane in a very long time. I forgot the exact time but it was pretty long. While I was married in September of 04 Palm Beach was directly hit by two hurricanes within three weeks. In Feb of 05 I got a divorce. Since then, even though they did have hurricane Wilma go over them, Palm Beach has not been hit directly with a hurricane. So there you have it, my marriage caused Palm Beach to get hit with 2 hurricanes.

That last paragraph is meant to be a joke but it is something funny to consider. Until next time, take care everybody.

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  1. dude I have hurricane season to look forward too thats gonna be a serious bitch... Damned it.