Luck overdue

Well I finally got what I wanted. My very own laptop to work on my writing, whether it be blogs or something else. Kinda screwy how this took place though. Like I said in a previous blog I got my father's computer a virus yet again. Well he ended up getting it fixed and then he decided to keep the old one to himself and I got the new one. Not exactly how I had planned that to happen but eh whatever. Maybe now I can focus more on writing. It is sort of nice to be able to drag the laptop wherever I want. Right now I'm sitting here in the kitchen blasting music writing away. I think that is why I don't write as much as I could be because I had limited areas to go to when I wanted to write. Hell if I feel like sitting in front of a desktop computer all day long to write. Now I can do it from wherever I want. Yay.

Wow that was a lot of rambling already. So the big news from today is we got another cat. She is only a kitten, like 6-7 weeks old. She is so small and adorable. Only been a few hours so the jury is still out on how her and Ozzy are going to get along. I think they will be just fine in the long run. It may take a bit of getting use to. Either way it should make life a little bit more interesting around here.

Today is 9-11-2010. 9 years ago America was brutally attacked by terrorists. Over 2000 people were killed and the lifes of all of us were changed forever. I remember that day pretty well still. Jen had woken me up by saying that a plane had flown into the world trade center. I was thinking to myself wow what a dumb ass. Of course then while me, her, my father, and Mary were watching the news reports a 2nd plane came crashing into the building. I was pretty scared at this point, I mean would they honestly attack Milwaukee or something? That didn't matter. Every airplane I heard that entire day I was pretty freaked out. I had to go to Sentry to work that day. I really did not feel like working due to fear of what else might happen. That is all I really remember about that day. To all the people who lost their lifes because of senseless acts of violence we will never forget. God bless.

There is a job opening at Pick N Save for frozen food/dairy lead. Could this be the job for me? I think it is perfect for me. When I was at Publix I took care of frozen food and then I took care of dairy. I enjoyed frozen more then dairy of course but this is something I can totally do and I am qualified for. I would be so happy if I got called in for an interview. This is exactly what I want to do. Wish me some luck. I know somewhere out there I have to have a strain of good luck.

Speaking of good luck...my father got a bunch of lottery tickets. Wouldn't that be nice huh? Honestly the first thing I would do if I got money I would take my ass to a doctor and get me all fixed up with everything. I mean sure I wouldn't mind going out and going on a spreading spree or traveling or whatever but first and foremost would be my health. What good is spending money and traveling if my health isn't that great?

In other news I picked up the Sims 3. Ok, I thought the original sims was pretty addicting but this one is worse. It is so much more advanced then the original game. I got it on Thursday and when I put it in and got my character made and all set up before I knew it 3 hours passed by. Then later on I put the game on around midnight and next thing I know it is 3am. So addicting and also pretty fun. I haven't played it in almost 24 hours though so yay for being able to control addictions.

Packers start the regular season tomorrow. I am predicting that they go 12-4 this year and they will be in the super bowl. Of course if things like Rodgers getting hurt or the O-line not being to protect happen or even the defense having random breakdowns in big games then they could have a rough time. I think they will do great this year though. Plus hooray for football season. Been waiting awhile for it to begin.

Anyways until next time care everyone. Wish me luck...and GO PACKERS!

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