I Remember

Friday night. Nothing special going on as usual. But I guess that is just how it goes sometimes. I can remember back when I was in school I always looked forward to Fridays. It meant the weekend was here and there was usually something going on. Now a days though, not even close to being the same anymore.

My friends usually stayed over most weekends. They always liked coming here to sleepover. On a rare occasion I would stay at one of their houses. The difference with staying here was I lived in the basement. There was always a ton of room down there. I had my big bed, a descent size couch, a reclining chair, and then another S-shaped bed. I forgot what they are called but people did actually sleep on it. We always had fun with our sleepovers. I personally think they just wanted to come over to watch my porn movies. I had a descent collection when I was a teenager. Usually I would put it on for them and then walk away and go upstairs talk to my mom or something. I dunno, there was just something weird to me sitting around with a bunch of guys watching a porn together. Sausage fest. Does that make me weird cause I wouldn't watch porn with my friends? I just never felt comfortable with it.

Usually when they would sleep over the next day we usually went out and about. South ridge mall mainly. We would take buses to get out there. We even did it during a pretty descent snowstorm. Waiting two hours at a bus stop in heavy snow was definitely a lot of fun. Sometimes we thought it would be fun to try and dodge the oncoming traffic on 76th street. One time in particular I tripped over a pothole with cars coming. I thankfully maintained my balance and didn't fall. One of the biggest things with us was buying walk mans and seeing who could come up with the best sounding system. It was fun to compete against each other. I believe it was usually me who came out on top. I had to always have a loud system to blow my ear drums out. Maybe that is why I'm hard of hearing? Nah, I pass it off as selective hearing.

One of the funniest sleepovers we had took place in this house of course. Jeff, Brent, and Collin slept over. We were all camping out in the living room. That night we decided to torment whomever went to sleep first. Jeff was the first victim. When he fell asleep Collin put pencils up his nose and then we took my socks and put them on his head. Jeff woke up and was mad. The next victim was Brent. What was done to him was way worse. First we started off with the pencils in the nose. Then we put all kinds of random shit in his hair. Sour cream, soy sauce, ketchup I believe, and a few other things I am sure. Then we decided to take some ice cubes and put them down his pants and then his shirt. Minutes later you just hear and see a bunch of ice cubes flying across the room. Then the final act was putting toothpaste in his ear. That is what woke him up. After he woke up and cleaned himself off he came back into the living room. There was silence in the room. You could just sense something was going to happen. Brent then got really upset about the entire thing. He started bitching and then practically crying. He then asked "How would you like it if I did that shit to you guys?". I took one look at Collin and he was about to laugh. I had to walk away and go into another room and I busted out laughing. Not much was said the rest of the night. The next morning Brent said to me he was sorry and the entire thing wasn't a big deal. I don't know if I could of shrugged it off like he did.

There is one event that gets an honorable mention. It was for my 14th birthday. I had Jeff and I believe Brent over. I don't recall everything that went on that night except for one thing in particular. Me and Jeff were in the kitchen with my sister Mary. We had big three litter bottles of cola and Jeff decides it would be a good idea to start shaking it up. Mary kept telling him to stop but when he did he would start up again. He kept doing this when suddenly the cap exploded off the bottle and went flying into the living room. Soda came shooting out all over the place. The walls in the kitchen were pretty well soaked with cola. He went running to the sink with the bottle to try to control the explosion. All I remember doing is just standing here laughing my ass off and was amazed at how far that cap flew. The next morning we spent a portion of my birthday cleaning down the walls. In the end though it was worth it because it was definitely a funny moment worth remembering.

Those were definitely some fun times though. I've always said that I've been through alot in my life, but really who hasn't. What I may fail to mention is that despite alot of things that haven't played out the way I would like it to I still have some good and fun memories for quite a bit of things. It is good to remember and share those times with people.

In other news...Loco is well crazy. Hence the name Loco. I heard this thumping going on by the door so I went to check it out and he is right above the stairs to go into the basement just randomly jumping around into the wall. This cat definitely does have a bit of a personality but it sure can make life interesting.

Went out for Chinese earlier today. The food was pretty good. I felt weird being in there however. We were the only ones in the place who were speaking in English. Ok so I realize it is a Chinese place, however no one was talking in Chinese. It was mainly Spanish. It doesn't bother me that much to be completely honest, I just felt like I was in a foreign country for a little bit there.

Perfect job came and went. Filled it already. Hooray! Woot! Another missed opportunity. It's ok cause eventually even though I get kicked down I am going to get right back up and make it happen. Just wait and see.

Otherwise nothing else is really going on. Same ole stuff, different day. Taking a little trip down memory lane was nice. Maybe I should do it more often. Not everything has to be doom and gloom all the time, or depressive sounding, or angry, or hating the world. Well that isn't how I want people to see me at least.


  1. I did forget to mention one thing about the whole exploding soda bottle incident. At our 8th grade graduation we had to give out gifts to fellow classmates for something. Well for Jeff I got him a bottle of soda in remembrance of the night he got soda all over the walls.

  2. Dude.. thats the funniest shit ever! You let your pals wank together in the basement, special<3
    My friends and I used to watch pron togther. Why I don't know we were odd? Then we stopped when a kid named chris got erected. We made fun of him, i think someone actually gave him a bottle of jergins xD!
    It was awkward He always ruined shit any ways!