Five Years Gone

It has been five years since I was last in sunny, warm, and humid Florida. I left for Milwaukee and since then I have not returned to Florida once. Actually I haven't really left Wisconsin since I've been here. Just one time actually, when I went to Georgia to see Andrew two years ago. Hopefully in the near future this will change.

To a point I miss Florida. Despite some of the "not so good times" I had alot of fun there. I also had some descent friends, some of which I have not seen for five years. Plus I had my own apartment. Man do I miss living on my own. It was so fun. Plus I got to walk around naked whenever the heck I wanted. It is good to remember the fun times I had. At least I am not focusing on the bad?

So five years...what have I exactly accomplished? When I thought of this question earlier before I started this blog I had a list of somewhat negative things. I'm not going to list that. It wouldn't be productive of me to focus on negative. So only positives.

Since moving to Milwaukee:
-My blogging/journals have turned from bitchy depressive whining fests to a little more positive upbeat entries. (at least I'd like to think so, if anyone wants to challenge me on that feel free)
-I gave up drinking regular soda. I think this was one big change for me. I would drink soda like crazy. I stopped. For the most part all I ever drink now a days is water or crystal light lemonade.
-I'm in a really good relationship. Sure it is not exactly perfect and there are things that could make it even better but in the end I found someone who is really good for me.
-I'm getting closer to making my first book/story happen. I've been pretty quiet about this up until now but I am confident that I am getting closer to making this dream of mine a reality.
-I finally realized that blaming people for my problems is just not the correct way of doing things. Sure people help me down the road I go but ultimately everything falls on me. If something happens it is up to me to stay on the right track. If I can not do that then I only have myself to blame.

I don't know, I think that is an ok list. I'll get things figured out one day. If it takes me a long time, then so be it. Better late then never.

We thought we had lost Loco this past Friday. In the living room we have this toy with bells on it. Normally when you ring them she comes running in the room. Well we didn't know where she was and I tried ringing these bells repeatedly and she wasn't coming to them. So I got worried. I looked all over the house and I found nothing. I never did look under the couch because I figured if she was there she would of heard the bells and she would of came running. My father did say at one point he did go outside. We feared the worse. We went driving around the block for like 10 minutes or so and we couldn't see anything. I was really upset. Pretty much about to break down into tears. She is only 10 weeks old and such a small thing that she probably wouldn't last very long outside. So I was pretty upset. We got home and I went into the sun room for a second. As I walked out of the sun room there she was right by the couch looking at me. She was underneath the couch. Why she never responded to the bells is beyond me. Needless to say my anxiety had skyrocketed. Which caused me to have chest pains and whatnot for the next three days. Anxiety certainly does suck.

This I believe is a good place to stop. I'll be back again soon though. I have more to say. Until then take care to all my readers. You know, the one or two people who actually do read this.

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  1. you always stop talking.. make an epic blog!^_^