Am I Dead?

Over the years I have had some pretty vivid and intense dreams. Sometimes they just seem to real that when you wake up you have to convince yourself that it was just indeed a dream. I had one of those types of dreams Monday night/early Tuesday morning. I felt like I should write about it.

In the dream I am in my computer room. In my computer room besides having my computer in here I have a small bed. I never really sleep on it cause well it is not the most comfortable thing in the world. I chose to sleep on the futon in the other room. Probably cause I fall asleep alot while watching tv.

I am sleeping in my bed in the dream. As I am sleeping I can hear noises going around me. It sounds like little kids. I passed it off as more then likely being ghosts. The phone rings. It only rings once. Enough to cause me to open up my eyes though. As I wake up and I'm laying there in bed I'm still hearing noises. I decide to turn over and I look to my other room. In the other room I see what looks like a person to be standing there. Freaked out and feeling a sudden rush of adrenaline I jump out of bed. I run into the other room and I take a flying leap at this person. I tackle it down to the ground. Whatever this thing was it turns into a stuffed teddy bear. I smack it across the room. Confused I go back into the other room. Near my bed I find all kinds of stuffed animals laying around. I yelled out "where the hell did these all come from?". I then go back my computer and I notice the internet is completely out.

Scared and not knowing what is going on I decide to run downstairs. As I am rushing down the stairs I am screaming for my father. I finally reach his room and he is laying there in bed. Something just does not seem right at all. He looks like he is scared as he is completely wrapped up in a blanket like he is frighten. I explain to him what had happened. He then starts talking about how he was hearing little kids running and playing around. I notice that everything just seems sorta blurry. It's like my father is there and I'm there but it seems as if I am almost in another dimension. My father then says something to the effect of look at the lights on the ceiling. I look at the ceiling and there are lights moving around. Everything seems so blurry and fuzzy. I rub my eyes hoping to clear out the fuzziness or maybe even wake myself up. I hear my own voice in my head asking questions. Am I still asleep? Is this all just a dream? Why can't I wake up? Am I dead? Maybe I am a ghost? The fuzziness and blurriness goes away. My father is nowhere to be found. Now it is just a blank space. Suddenly this hand comes out of nowhere and grabs me by my mouth. The hand starts pulling and tugging at me as if it were dragging me somewhere. Where was it dragging me? Was it dragging me to hell or something?

This is when I wake up. Gasping for air. I lay there for a little bit trying to regain my composure. Telling myself it is ok Nick, that was just a dream. It took me a little bit. I got up from bed and nearly stumbled as I felt dizzy and disorientated. I then said to myself "I don't think I'm going to attempt to go back to sleep".

Scariest dream I've ever had? Maybe. It was also pretty realistic. It's not the first time I've had a dream in which I woke up and had to talk myself out of thinking it was real. I'm sure it won't be the last one either.

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  1. Dude if you Die in your sleep, you become an urban legend...wowzer!