People getting use to me writing more now a days? Or does anyone really even care? Either way I see it as a good thing. Even if I'm just rambling on about shit that no one cares about at least I care enough to talk about it, so it must be important to me?

Today I've just been in a eh mood. I really don't know why. I'm going to just say it is because of boredom or not knowing what to do. I seem to be very easy to snap today too. I was playing the sims and my router screwed up so it restarted my whole pc. So naturally I was pretty pissed cause the sims didn't get saved. Then the cat decided it would be cool to eat dust bunnies in the hallway between my rooms. I tell him to stop and he keeps doing it. Easily aggitated today apparently. At least for the moment with music blasting I feel calm. Maybe I need some liquor for a change.

Continuing with the eh mood thing. I feel really "sensitive" today. Like if a sad sounding song comes on I'll cry. If something sad happens on tv with whatever it is I'm watching I start tearing up. Then there is that commerical about abused animals and while they are showing all the abused animals I start tearing up. I really can not watch that commerical. Am I sure I'm not a woman? I'm pretty positive, my emotions just get the best of me sometimes. I mean I've cried during movies such as Return of the Jedi and E.T. Come on, Darth Vader dying in Return of the Jedi is sad. Cut me some slack. The E.T one was pretty amusing though. I was in the movie theater watching it and when E.T is about to leave to go back home I just start balling my eyes out. Then I start cracking up at the fact that I'm sitting there crying. Don't ask me, I'm just really weird apparently.

I'm one of those firm believers that things happen in our life that is a sign of something to happen. Either bad or good. I think people are usually too busy with their daily lifes to take notice to the stuff that happens around them. Of course I don't think "signs" that we see tell us directly what is going to happen. I think it is more of a thing telling us "hey pay attention".

I will give a few examples. Back when I was at Publix I was working in frozen food. I believe I was in frozen food alone at the time. Anyways a few of the lights in the aisle starting going on and off. I didn't think anything of it but then it kept happening. I walked underneath this light and it would go off and come back on again. I'm like what the hell is going on. It kept going for awhile. Then I go into the frozen food cooler to get another bird and one of the lights in there does it. So I'm moving one of the birds out of the cooler and for a split second I didn't pay attention and I smashed my hand pretty hard between the door and the bird. Thankfully I didn't break my hand or anything but it swelled up slightly for awhile and it hurt quite a bit. Of course after I smashed my hand the lights never did do the flickering on and off thing again. A sign telling me to be careful? Quite possibly.

Before I moved back to Florida with Jen I really did not want to move there. Of course I never said anything cause I didn't want to upset her. I kinda just went along with it. Though now I am glad I did cause it definetly changed my life. Anyways on the car ride down to Florida while we were in Georgia our car broke down. We had to spend all the money we had saved up to repair it. Later on when we got to Fort Lauderdale things never really worked out well at all until we had finally gone back to West Palm Beach. The car breaking down was a sign of rough times in Fort Lauderdale? Possibly.

There are a few other things I could mention but I'd rather talk about what happened this past Sunday. I'm sitting here having a conversation with my friend Amber. We are talking about all kinds of random things such as ghost hunting and this program I had watched called "Gates of Hell". I was telling her how in the program this guy was pretty much saying everyone is going to hell and it is God's decision to save us or not. I was saying how I did not really believe that. Anyways as I am sitting here I happen to look at the floor and I see this small piece of paper with the number 7 on it. I'm looking at it wondering where the hell that came from all of a sudden. It wasn't a handwritten 7 either, it is printed. I'm looking all over the place to determine where this thing could of come from and I still don't know. If it had been there for awhile it would of caught my attention earlier. I even went as far to look underneath my computer chair to see if it was something that fell off. Of course it wasn't. The piece of paper looks like it was perfectly cut out of something. It is really weird. What gets me is that this piece of paper I had found was during my whole discussion about the whole everyone going to hell thing. Why is that weird? The number 7 is associated with God and religion. In the long run it could be totally nothing at all but I am a believer in everything happens for a reason and there is a reason or purpose to this. The thought crossed my mind that the number 7 could be like the powerball number for tomorrow's drawing. That would be really weird huh?

I don't think people should sit around and wait their entire lifes for stuff to happen to say "oh hey maybe that was a sign". My whole point was maybe people (myself included) should pay attention more to what is going on around them. It could be a sign.

Oh yeah and my last blog I wrote, I'm not that self confident about myself. I like to say I am but I really am not. It's a work in progress. I still think I am awesome in many many ways though.

...Until next time take care everyone.

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