Paranormal Maniac

"In folklore, fiction, philosophy, and popular culture, a ghost is the soul or spirit of a deceased person, taken to be capable of appearing in visible form or otherwise manifesting itself to the living. Descriptions of the apparition of ghosts vary widely: the mode of manifestation can range from an invisible presence to translucent or wispy shapes, to realistic, life-like visions. The deliberate attempt to contact the spirit of a deceased person is known as necromancy, or in spiritism as a séance.

The belief in manifestations of the spirits of the dead is widespread, dating back to animism or ancestor worship in pre-literate cultures. Certain religious practices-funeral rites, exorcisms, and some practices of spiritualism and ritual magic-are specifically designed to appease the spirits of the dead. Ghosts are generally described as solitary essences that haunt particular locations, objects, or people with which they were associated in life, though stories of phantom armies, ghost trains, phantom ships, and even ghost animals have also been recounted." -taken from wikipedia

Do you believe in ghosts? Do you believe ghosts, if they do exist can come and go to any place at any time they want? Do you believe places can be haunted? Does everyone become a ghost when they pass away? Are ghosts considered evil or are they considered good? Why are there evil spirits or good spirits?

Many questions that can be asked in relation to the paranormal. Alot of people believe in ghosts. Alot of people don't believe in ghosts. Some people need things to pop out at them before they believe anything. If you can't see it, then it isn't there..right? For me this makes ghosts and the paranormal fascinating to me. Some people's fascinations lead them to investigate the paranormal. What is a paranormal investigator or as some people call a ghost hunter? It is a person or a group of people who venture out to haunted locations to prove that there are ghosts. How does one become a ghost hunter? Anyone can practically be a ghost hunter now a days. Years ago it wasn't really a well known practice but with it becoming more popular in the media with shows such as "Ghost Hunters" and "Ghost Adventures" it has brought ghost hunting more to the mainstream.

I've always told people that I've been interested in the paranormal and I've told people I have stories of weird occurrences in my life. I don't normally go into detail or give much examples. Today I am. All of what is written about the accounts I am going to share with you people is from my own memory as I remember it. If I'm off base with some of them due to the fact that some of these experiences include other people, I am sure they will correct me. This may be a very long blog but I'm hoping everyone will be interested enough to read until the final word. Enjoy.

Back in my early childhood we lived in this big house, which is actually only a block and a half away from where I currently live. In the 1920s it is said that this house was some kind of market. I don't know much of the story behind the house but from what I have heard from other people, whether this is true or not I am unsure, is that a man had committed suicide in that house. If that is true, I do not believe he ever left that house.

On the very first night in that house, before I was born, things began to happen. My brothers and sisters recall hearing noises in the attic. Eventually the noises sounded like someone was dragging chains on the attic floor. Freaked out and scared to death my brothers and sisters did not leave sight of each other the rest of the night. They would go to the bathroom together.

Over the years other things would happen. Things would mysteriously disappear. During the night there would be tons of noises throughout the house. Footsteps, creaking, etc. Our dogs also would not go into the basement. They would stand at the top of the stairs and bark at the basement. They dragged one of my dogs down to the basement one day and she ran back upstairs pooping and peeing all over the place. I don't remember much about that basement other then it was dark and very creepy. I did not like to go downstairs alone.

I had my own experiences in that house. I was very young at the time but I still remember them. There was one incident during a thunderstorm where one of the windows slammed shut while no one was by it. Another time while downstairs in the basement. with the kids of the people who were renting out the upstairs area, I witnessed a shelf full of toys just tip over and fall on one of the kids. No one was by the shelf to cause it to fall over like that.

One of the scariest experiences I had was while sleeping on he bottom bunk of a bunk bed me and my sister were sharing. I remember that night I was hearing alot of noises throughout the house....creaking, etc. I was having a hard time sleeping. While laying down on the bed I look over to the wall and I notice an arm sticking out from underneath the bed. I screamed off the top of my lungs. People came rushing into the room and asked me what had happened. It would of been easy to explain that one of my brothers or sisters were underneath the bed in an attempt to scare me but they weren't. Everyone told me I was dreaming and nothing was there. Something was there and to this day I swear by it.

My brother and sisters use to screw around with an Ouija board in that house. I don't know everything that had exactly happened but I do believe on one occasion they asked it to turn off an oil lamp and the lamp went out. I also believe they asked it if the God Ouija was there and the eye on the board started to spin around so fast that everyone had to take their hands off the eye, and it was still spinning after that. They also had a tape of backwards satanic messages. The tape went missing and then a month later while someone was in the darkest room in the basement they found the tape on one of the shelves in there with a hole burnt right through the middle of it.

Other people claim that they have seen a ghost in that house before. We moved out of that house in September of 1987. Occasionally I still walk past that house and I wonder if there has been more occurrences in the past 23 years. I know many people have come and gone from that house, it really makes a person wonder. Old friends of mine have told me when they walk past that house they get an uneasy feeling. If a guy did commit suicide in that house then maybe he is still there?

For the most part all was quiet for awhile after we had moved away from that house. My sister Mary is the one who had a few experiences though while living in the basement of this house. The basement itself is not nearly as creepy as the one in the old house but there are a few creepy aspects. For one its an unfinished basement missing most of the ceiling tiles. During the winter time when the furnace kicks in, it sorta reminds you of Freddy's boiler room in Nightmare on Elm Street. Yes I know from experience. Walking past the furnace at 3am when it kicks in to see fire shooting out if it...yep kinda scary. There is also a back room in the basement too. My father at one point thought it would be a great idea to put a mirror in there for when you first walk in. Just really creepy. Anyways every now and then my sister claimed to have heard things while living down in the basement. On a few occasions she said that while asleep during the middle of the night it sounded like someone would be sitting at her dining room table crumbling up paper. She also said that every now and then someone or something would push a VCR tape in and out of the VCR over and over again.

Eventually I moved into the basement of this house for quite awhile. My teenage years were "a little bit" rough. I won't go into detail about that in this blog, but I believe my negativity fueled the fire for some of my experiences. There was a period of time when I guess to strike fear towards other people that I claimed to be a Satan worshipper. I never really was of course but I guess sometimes people need to make up something as to try to scare people off so they won't be messed with. I did at one time experiment with an Ouija board in my room. Nothing did happen. Other things did. I also had the experience my sister Mary did with the tape going in and out of the VCR. Most of the time if I ever heard anything like that I would get up quickly and go upstairs and sleep. There were other occasions in which I would hear whispering. It would be really quiet at first and then as it got closer to me it got louder. I can't recall how many times I had have this experience. There was one occasion when I was hearing the whispering that suddenly I heard a very loud growling noise coming from the corner of my room. Yes I had dogs at the time but they never really came downstairs nor do I ever think I heard them growl. This was much different then a dog's growl too.

One night while I was asleep and I believe it was around 5am I heard the sound of a door being opened. I opened up my eyes and looked to the corner of my room. The door to that back room was now wide open. I then saw something that I will describe as green and glowy walk across the basement floor from out of that room. At the time I guess I really didn't think nothing of it. I went back to sleep. Later on after I had woken up and thought about I realized that I had seen something in my room coming out of that back room. I was pretty freaked out. It prompted me to change my image a bit. I hung rosaries up in my room afterwards and the rest of the time I lived in the basement I never had another incident. No whispering, growling, or weird green glowy things walking across the floor.

There was really no incidents until a few years later on my 20th birthday. I had moved to live in Florida to be with my gf at the time Jennifer. I was going through a bit of a depression. My mom had passed away after years of dealing with heart disease and cancer. I was really missing her and I was very upset. I don't remember exactly what it is that I was saying but as I was crying I looked at Jennifer and she was in a state of shock. She is like "Nick, your mom is here". I said how do you know and she replied with she is right there. I think she said she was wearing a white dress and was glowing. I could sense she was there and I felt really calm and at peace. A total turnaround from what I was. The rest of the night I really just felt so relaxed and so calm. There were a few incidents with the lights in the bathroom where it would look like it got really dim and then it would get really bright. At one point I had said to my mother "Please go scare Jen's brother Chris". Apparently she had listened to me. Chris the next morning was saying to me how he was having weird occurrences during the night with his ceiling fan. Like I guess it would go really fast and then really slow. Then at one point he said he had gotten up and he described seeing a woman that fit the description of my mother. Before the occurrence he had never seen a picture of what my mom looked like.

Over the course of the new couple of years there were very little incidents that I do remember. We had moved back to Milwaukee and we were living in the upstairs area. The only real unusual occurrences that I had were unexplained knocking on the walls during the night. I would be sitting there by the computer and everything would be all nice and quiet and then you hear a knocking sound on the wall. The upstairs area back in the day use to be the attic, they made it into bedrooms and then the attic is broken off into two sections surrounding each room. The knocking would occur every now and then. Another thing that had happened is one night my girlfriend Jennifer was upstairs about ready to go to bed. I had just gotten home from work and was downstairs getting something to eat. She suddenly started screaming for me. Apparently she said there was someone else upstairs. While she was in bed she heard footsteps and heard someone walking around, she thought it was me but I was downstairs. Then she said it got closer to the bed.

In 2002 we moved back down to Florida. Later in that year I started reading more about haunted places, ghosts, and ghost hunting. This stuff really started to fascinate me. I had always been around some pretty weird things. On October 11th of that year after reading some stuff online about photos of unexplainable things I decided to browse my very own pictures. That's when I found the picture of "the face". It was a picture taken back in 2001. It's a picture of me and hoovering to the right of my head is what appears to be a face. I tried to think of a possible explanation for it. Was it reflection? Was something wrong with the camera? I couldn't come up with anything that would logically rule out that it was paranormal. I then thought to myself well what is the date of the picture. What I found out was this picture was taken on the 3 year anniversary of my mother's death. So naturally I was pretty excited to find something.

After showing some of our friends the picture and telling them a bit about some of my ghost stories we decided let's go out ghost hunting. I had found a place that sounded pretty interesting. It is on Palm Beach Island called "The Witches Road". Supposedly there is a road that is haunted by a witch and she causes the electronics in the car to go all crazy. There is also more to the story, I'm assuming its an urban legend, that says back in the day when they were building the island the witch did not want to leave her house so they built the island around her. She ended up torturing her daughter to death. Anyways we gathered up some flashlights and I brought my video camera. We drove to the road. We drove up and down the road. The road itself is creepy. Nothing was happening. A few of us decided to "taunt" the witch to see if anything would happen. Suddenly we hear this very loud noise in the road. It scared the living hell out of all of us. It sounded I guess like someone got behind the car and stepped really loudly on a tree branch or something. This noise is something that you can hear on the video tape. At the time our friend Ryan looked back and said there was nothing at all in the road. Later on though he admitted that there was a big branch in the road and the car did go over that branch and caused the noise. Either way we were all pretty excited and scared. Our night was not done yet.

Afterwards we decided to go to a cemetery. What better way to see ghosts or anything supernatural then a cemetery? The cemetery of choice was Our Lady Queen of Peace cemetery in Royal Palm Beach. Nothing was written about this place being haunted or having reports of ghosts, it was just sorta picked randomly cause it was close to home.

So we go into the cemetery. As we are driving along this weird mist/fog starts to form. I wouldn't normally think there was anything weird about it but seeing as how in our drive throughout the city that night there was no fog whatsoever it made this kinda weird. Maybe the sprinklers were on? Nope they were not. The fog then got very thick and made it's way to the car. Then suddenly disappeared. We drive a little bit more, people are sorta like in "oh my god" mode. I finally get the video camera on. The fog starts coming back a little bit. This time though it looks as if it is a figure walking towards the car. We move up a little bit more and some of us decide let's get out of the car. So we did. The fog then disappears. We decide to get back in the car. We have this debate about what it is. Then it appears again and this time gets really thick. You could see individual strains moving within this fog. It suddenly disappears. We drove around again and had a little bit more fog but nothing like what it was.

The next day we are all talking about the incident with our friends and telling them how cool it was. We decide to play the video tape for them. Everyone is like whoa. Thinking it was the coolest thing. As soon as the video tape ends there is this loud explosion type sound in the house. Scared the living crap out of all of us. The satellite in the house somehow gets messed up in the process. No idea what that was about but it managed to rattle a few nerves.

Later on that night there was an incident in which I was upstairs and I heard a dog barking downstairs. I thought this was rather weird because there was no dog in the house and the family dog had passed away awhile back. Supposedly even spirits of animals are meant to make their presence known.

We decided to go back into Our Lady Queen of Peace again. I really didn't expect we would have the same results that we did the previous night. However, I was mistaken. The mist was back again. Doing the same patterns as it was the night before. Now before anyone is quick to judge anything about the whole mist thing, I am not even totally positive that it was paranormal. It was really weird but I realize Florida is a very humid place. It is entirely possible that it could of been because of the humidity. I will again emphasize that this mist/fog was not seen anywhere else. We did actually go back a 3rd night in a row and on night 3 there was nothing.

My interest in ghost hunting and the paranormal skyrocketed. We were going out to most cemeteries that we could find in the Palm Beach area. The only real piece of equipment I had at the time was my retarded video camera. We didn't really see or hear all too much but it was exciting and something new for us to try. We would take various people with us, and sometimes introduced new people to ghost hunting.

Then I did something that I probably should of stayed away from. We made a homemade Ouija board. I do not recommend messing with Ouija boards. People don't be as dumb as I am to mess with them. Some think they are harmless, I tend to believe otherwise. We won't get into that now though. Anyways we all sat around in my gf's room with the Ouija board. We used a glass for the eye, figured it might be something easy for a spirit to push. Now that I think about it, it was probably too heavy. Anyways we started asking the board questions. Then we heard some really loud thumping coming from downstairs. It was at this point we decided to stop using the board.

Over the course of the next few months I did alot of reading about the paranormal and about ghost hunting. I really wanted to start to get more equipment. My equipment was very limited to begin with, flashlights and my cheap video camera. I then thought it would be a great idea to take our 35mm camera with us. I wanted to make a return to OLQOP cemetery. OLQOP=Our Lady Queen of Peace for those who are slow.

We went back to the cemetery and it was a pretty gloomy windy December night. Walking through that cemetery usually gave me uneasy feelings. It's really hard to describe to people what you are feeling because people look at you as if you are nuts. I come across this grave with the name Gonzalez on it. There are flower arrangements on both sides of the grave with flowers in them. Well as I'm looking at the grave the flower arrangement on the left side moves. I am pretty sure that it moved forward. I look at it and I'm thinking ok well that's probably just the wind as it was windy that night. So I decide ok I'm going to walk away from that grave. First I said "I'm sorry for bothering you, I'm leaving now". A few seconds later that same flower arrangement moved back to it's original position. I'm like ok maybe I do actually have something here. I however did not think to take any pictures or anything. One of those moments where if I could do things differently I would of.

A few nights later we returned. We were there pretty late at night this time, like I'd say 2am-3am. Everyone was trying to bet that I could not walk alone in the cemetary for 10 minutes during the middle of the night. I told them to go and leave me there cause I could definetly do it. I did just that. I don't recommend people walk alone at night in a cemetary or any place you are investigating. If you get hurt, who is there to help you? If you run into real danger then what are you going to do? Anyways during those 10 minutes all I pretty much did was walk around and pretend I was talking to the ghosts within the cemetary. This time I went back to the Gonzalez grave with the 35mm camera. I asked if it was alright for me to take a picture and I pretended that I heard a yes and proceeded to take a picture. Later on when the film got developed there is a noticeable orb right above the flower arrangement that had moved nights prior. What is an orb? Orbs draw alot of critism from alot of people. People believe they really are nothing supernatural at all. Others believe that they are a ball of light drawn from the energy of a spirit. Instead of manifesting into a full fledge ghost they are often seen as a ball of light. My opinion on orbs is it can definelty be something paranormal if when the picture is taken something unexplainable or weird was going on. That gives more basis to the proof that something paranormal was happening. Either way I was very excited to know that something had come out of the Gonzalez grave experience.

There were a few more incidents in that cemetary before 2002 ended. One night the mist/fog returned and it was centered in one of the fields near the main graveyard area. I decided to walk into the field. It was a very eerie feeling. It was also, in that field very cold. Natalie, my gf's step sister, joined me out in the field and said the same thing that it was extremely cold and creepy in the field. Another incident that happened, which I believe was the same exact night, was as we were driving to get out of the cemetary this big flash of light went over the car. Not everyone in the vehicle saw it. In fact, just me and Chris saw it. People tried to convince us that it was the light from the video camera. The video camera was on at the time and if you watch the video at that moment there is a weird light color that occurs on the video tape.

In early 2003 I wanted to expand ghost hunting tools. I had gotten a digital voice recorder to record EVP. EVP stands for electric voice phenomena. It is said that often times while you are investigating if you record using a digital voice recorder while asking questions you can hear voices of the dead, or voices or sounds you normally can not hear with your own ears. Many people believe EVP to be one of the best ways to prove of paranormal activity or ghosts.

I decided to experiment with it myself. On Feb 3rd, 2003 I decided to see if I could talk to my mother. Feb 3rd is the date that she passed away back in 1998. I turned the recorder on and starting asking questions for about a minute and a half. I was curious to find out if I would get anything on the recorder. What I found shocked me. I had asked the question if my mother went to visit my father often. After I ask on the recorder you hear a a high pitch woman's voice come on and say "Nick". I tried to think of a logical explanation for it. Maybe at that moment a car outside made a noise or something? Before I ran the recording I made sure there was no noise in the house...ie the air conditioner, fans, etc. I also had all windows closed. The only thing that I could come up with was that voice was the voice of my mom saying my name. Why do I believe it was my mom's voice? Simply because of the history of the date in which I tried this experiment.

My fasincation with the paranormal and ghosts only fueled my desire to find evidence of the existance of spirits. At one point I was told that I was more interested in communicating with the dead then I was communicating with the living. I had to get back into the field, and I also felt like I needed to further investigate the Gonzalez grave.

I went back to the cemetary with my friend Erik. I made my way to the grave. Suddenly I had this very uneasy feeling come across me. I was definetly not alone. First I felt as if something was pulling and tugging on my arm to get my attention. Then I felt this unusual sadness come across me. It is almost like the spirit made me feel like what it might of been feeling at the time. Like trying to tell me for some death is very lonely and sad. I felt sad and I started to tear up right there in the middle of the cemetary. Though I did not get any pictures that night or voice recordings my personal experience made up for it.

I was excited about the voice recording I had gotten so I wanted to get more or at least try again. On the morning of March 13th I decided to try again. The number 13 is a big thing in my family. Our street address is 1313. My parents married on the 13th of January. There are other examples which I will not get into. Anyways I decided to ask some more questions and record them. I don't remember the exact line of questioning. I recorded for probably 2 minutes, I then stopped and played it back. Once again there was something there. In the recording I said "so please tell me". Then right after that you can clearly hear a female voice saying "Nick". This one was much more clearer then the previous one. Needless to say I was excited about it and knowing that my mom was still watching over me helped bring me a bit of piece of mind in order to finally come to terms with her passing.

I started looking for people who were interested in ghost hunting in the West Palm Beach area. Some of my friends were kinda getting bored with going out ghost hunting. Which is not surprising because there are alot of long hours in which you walk around and nothing happens. I came across one person who was looking around for people in the West Palm Beach area. It eventually got me to go on a ghost investigation with the "South Florida Paranormal Research" group. We went to Hillcrest cemetary in West Palm Beach. Though personally I didn't see or feel anything out of the oridinary that night they did get a picture of an apparition. I never became an official member of the team.

During my readings I discovered something new for me to try. It was using what are called dowsing rods. Dowsing rods are two L-shaped piece of metal that appear to have some sort of handle. What you do is you place one in each of your hands, slightly gripping them. Point them outward and supposely they are suppose to move back and forth and if they cross they will point you into the direction of a spirit. They are very inexpensive to make, in fact alot of people use metal clothes hangers to make them. Yes it seems a bit unusual, but they were suppose to be helpful.

I used them around the house to experiment but I would soon take them out and test them for real. In early April of 03 we went back to Our Lady Queen of Peace. We weren't there for very long. I wanted to give the dowsing rods a test. I had Chris using them. At one point while walking around we could hear what sounded like children laughing. Seeing as how there is nothing near the cemetary we found this to be quite odd. To be totally honest whenever I am in that cemetary I never really thought I was ever alone. I always felt something else was always there with us, watching us, or maybe making an effort to get our attention. Anyways Chris was using the dowsing rods and then suddenly they started to swing back and forth and the rods crossed and pointed him in a direction. He went to that place and one of the rods swung back and started to face where Chris was. So we took of picture of Chris and where he was. When we got the film developed in that picture right by Chris is an orb. So the dowsing rod really did point us in the direction of something? I'd have to say yes.

I'm trying to present all of this stuff in a proper timeline but I am not sure of when everything took place but I do know alot of this took place around the same period of time. As I'm writing this I actually do forget about particular events and then after trying to think back I do remember them. The timeline may get a little bit out of whack but I promise everyone that most of the events are around the same period of time.

We started to have a few incidents in our apartment. Well it is one in particular. As I did more and more research and ghost investigating I notice that my sense of something being there were heighten quite a bit. Some people go on day in and day out and never notice anything but some of us I guess make a bit of extra effort or pay attention more to see if things are going on. We had incidents with the blinds in our bedroom. Most of the time we kept them closed. There was one day in particular I had went into the bedroom and I noticed the blinds were opened. I closed them and went back out into the living room. I would say 15-20 minutes passed. I went back into the bedroom and the blinds were open again. Of course no one else had gone into the bedroom. I closed them again and went back out of the room. I decided to check again in 5 minutes to see if they were opened again. Sure enough they were open again. I pretty much just assumed it was probably a playful ghost that was letting us know that they were there. I do believe the blinds incident happened on more then one occasion.

One night we decided to go to Hillcrest cemetary by ourselves. I don't recommend people to do this because it is a "no trespassing" cemetary. While in the cemetary my gf claimed that a woman was talking to her. I don't recall what this conversation was about. By one of the old trees near the back of the cemetary I felt a bit unseasy. Some of the same stuff that happened at OLQOP cemetary were happening to me there. Mainly the tugging and the feeling like someone was pulling my arm. It was probably between 12am-1am that we were there and it ended up being very peaceful in the cemetary at this one point. There were birds chirping in the cemetary. Before that I had never heard birds chirping at that time of night. We did have dowsing rods with us. For some reason I got this feeling that you could get by with using only one rod instead of two and the one rod would lead you into the direction of something just as well as two could. Our friend Luke was with us. Luke is one of those people who does believe in ghosts but needs to see it to believe it type people. Anyways as I have the dowsing rod in my hand it starts swinging to the left of me. Luke's reaction to that is "Well that's pretty cool". I don't believe we took any pictures of that.

During the month of April I came in contact with this woman named Shaun. She was really interested in meeting up to go on some type of ghost investigation. Currently Shaun is the founder/director of "FLORIDA GHOST TEAM INC" in southern Florida. After some discussion we decided to go out on the night of April 25th, which just happen my 24th birthday, to Memory Gardens cemetary in West Palm Beach.

We met up at the cemetary that night and decided to walk around. We brought with us the drowsing rods, flashlights, 35mm camera, and my voice recorder. At first not much was going on. I believe thanks to the dowsing rods we got another picture of an orb. There was this area in the back of the cemetary that had the "NO TRESPASSING" sign. Again, I do not support going into off limits areas. Just because I've done it before does not make it right. We decided to go back there. As soon as we got back to that area we could sense that something was just not right. Shaun thought she felt a presence back there so we took a picture. On the film when we got it developed there was an orb right by Shaun. There was also this foul smell in that area. Normally if there is a foul smell that you can not explain it can usually mean a not so friendly or unhappy spirit. Anyways we decided to try to get some EVP. Shaun took the recorder and was asking a few questions. We played back the recorder and after she asked the question "Would you like us to leave?". There is a faint voice saying something. It was determined that there was a guy who was saying "I asked you to please leave". I felt really uneasy about being back there. I knew we were not alone and there was a not so happy spirit there.

We continued to walk around the cemetary for quite some time. As we left the back area the feeling of uneasiness went away. It was more peaceful and calm. We are walking along and I'm looking at one of the trees when I spot something. Right by the tree was an a ball of light. I just stood staring at it. This was the first time I had ever seen an orb with my own eyes. It stayed there for a few seconds then it moved around and then vanished. Of course at the time I was in awe that I didn't even think to take a picture. Overal I would have to say I was pretty satisified with what happened.

Over the course of the next few months we continued to go out to cemetaries or random other places. There are two other places in West Palm Beach that we had went to. One was called McArthur Dairy Factory and the other one was 13 Abandoned Houses. We never really found anything paranormal out there, unless you want to consider almost hitting a homeless guy paranormal activity. During this time I decided I needed even more equipment for ghost hunting. What can I say? I was really into it. I ended up getting a digital camera, a digital therometer which would be helpful for detecting temperature changes during an investigation, a digital nightvison camcorder, and an EMF detector. An EMF detector is used to detect magnetic fields. When used on an investigation it is suppose to go off when you are near a spirit. Truth be told, I have not had much luck with the EMF detector.

OLQOP cemetary was sorta closed off for awhile. It was very difficult to get in there due to construction so we started to go to Memory Gardens more often. Having a digital camera now would be useful to detect anything in the area while walking around investigating. Some different people came with us on some of our hunts. A friend of ours named Tara got a nice picture of an orb by this grave of a young kid. This wasn't no ordinary orb though. Upon enchancing the picture this orb actually had a tail and was moving. These are calling streaking orbs. It is basically an orb that is in motion. Also me and Tara were walking around the cemetary when suddenly my voice recorder turned on by itself. Really freaked the hell out of me. I would also set up the nightvision camera and have it centered on one location for awhile and periodically move it around to different locations. On the video one night while you can't see anything all of a sudden it sounds as if this huge wind is coming right over the camera and the camera does a bit of shaking back and forth. I would normally just say, oh it's just the wind. On a non windy night though I can't say it was "just the wind". We would get the occasional orb pictures with the help of the dowsing rods of course.

One night me and my gf Jennifer decided to go to that cemetary just the two of us. That was a very short lived investigation. When we got out of the car and started to walk around it sounded like there were children laughing and playing around in the cemetary. I at one point heard footsteps and felt as if someone was walking towards me. Jen claimed that someone was talking to her. Overall it felt like there was alot of stuff going on that night. I had taken a few pictures and got a few orbs. Jen then says to me that we needed to go now and that someone was right next to her. I took a picture in the general direction of where she was and there was an orb right there. We took off and went home for the evening.

Things slowed down for a little bit. I then read about becoming a certified paranormal investigator and a certified ghost hunter. It really interested me a whole lot. I did end up doing both of them, though I have done nothing with that to this day. Due to the fact that we were having trouble with trying to get into an actual ghost hunting team we were going to make our own. This never did pan out.

In October of 2003 towards the end of the month we had a Halloween party. At this party we decided to screw around with an ouija board. Once again I do not recommend people to screw around with these boards. Anyways it started off really slow but at one point me and this girl Tabby were on the board asking questions. We had two candles by the board. One was pretty much right by yes and the other one was by no. While we were asking questions we noticed a few things. The candles by either yes or no were flickering and making burning noises. Also at some points the wind chimes outside would go from being quiet to making alot of noise. The blinds also had some effect to them too. One of the blinds would suddenly start moving back and forth fast and other times it wouldn't move at all. We are asking questions and if the person's answer was no the candle by no would flicker or make a sound. The same would happen if it was yes. This went on for a little bit and then I decided to switch off the board for Jen's brother Chris. The spirit that was communicating with us apparently did not like Chris on the board. We believe it was because he was wearing a costume and might of looked scary to the spirit. Chris then says "This guy sucks, I want someone else". Suddenly everything stopped happening. Tara and Tabby are on the board and start asking questions again and this time we get a spirit who is communicating using the board. The feeling in the room got very eerie. There were some areas in the room that were very cold. They continued to ask questions and the spirit would reply back. It seemed as if the spirit either took a liking to Tara or it was a spirit that knew her. Due to the cold spots in the room I got my therometer to see if I could get any temp changes. It kept going up and down. At one point I put the thermometer down on the table and when that happened the very tip of the therometer slid across the table rapidly. Everyone was like oh my god. This incident we did get on video tape. After awhile everything that was going on in the house died down.

On Halloween night we decided to venture back into OLQOP cemetary. I had most of my equipment with me. Jen and Chris went along. I'm not entirely clear if I got another orb by the Gonzalez grave on this night or on a previous visit before but I know I did at least get one more orb picture from around that grave. On this night specifically I know we did get a picture of streaking orbs. I don't recall having any uneasy feelings at all on this night, other then "The Jennifer incident". I had the video camera set up recording in nightvision as I usually do. At one point while playing back the camera near one of the trees there is an dancing orb moving around and then it suddenly disappears. People tried telling me that it was an airplane or a street light in the distance. The motion it was making and then the disappearance leads me to believe otherwise. We did have one very odd occurance and this one was centered around Jennifer. At one point during the video you hear her talking and she sounds like she is a little kid. I mean her voice does not change but her mannerism is that of a little kid. She then starts singing and starts dancing around. The camera is on her completely at this point. I didn't know what was really going on. Suddenly she is back to normal and from what she had said is that a little girl may of "possessed" her. The video is pretty weird when you watch it. I don't believe it was an act. After that she decided we should leave.

Ghost hunting took a backseat in my life for awhile. Very little if any strange occurances took place. I didn't go on another ghost hunt until January of 2005. Not much was seen besides the occasion orb. I did get a nice picture of some ectoplasm in OLQOP though. Was the first time I had captured a picture of ectoplasm.

When I moved back to Milwaukee in October of 05 I did go on a ghost hunt with my old friend Jeff. We were bored and I was telling him about some of the stuff I've done and seen so we decided to go out to some local graveyards. Nothing all too much happened, we did however get a picture of an orb while using the dowsing rods. Saddly that was the last time I've been on a ghost hunt.

Since then I can't say that everything has been exactly quiet. Occasionally in this house things do go bump in the night. There is the occasional knocking on my walls. There is also the sense of being watched or you just know something is there. One day I went into my closet and the attic door was unlatched. I wouldn't normally think much of it but it is one of those latches which you need force to unlatch. Both me and my father have seen shadows. It's always out of the corner of your eye when you are just sitting there. Something dark and shadow like moving. My father's touch lamp likes to turn on and off by itself. That happens quite frequent. My father also said that he has had his bed shaked at night time before. He figured it was just him moving around until he laid there very still and the bed was still shaking. Until recently he was the only one that experienced that. I was watching tv on my futon late one night not too long ago when suddenly I felt the futon shake. I looked around and I said to myself are we having an earthquake or something. I actually got up and went on the computer and looked online to see if we just had an earthquake. Of course seeing as how Milwaukee does not get earthquakes, usually, that it was not an earthquake. This did happen again on another occasion. It's really weird but I guess I've come to accept that no matter where I am I most likely am surrounded by spirits.

There was an incident that happened I believe about 2 years ago in which I still can not really explain. I was sitting by my computer one morning when suddenly I felt very weak and really numb. I felt as if I had no control over my muscles or anything. I felt completely helpless. It felt as if something was sucking all the energy out of me. I went to the couch and laid down. I could not shake this feeling at all. It went on for quite awhile. To this day I do not fully understand what it was all about. I remember saying at one point "You can not have me". I kept repeating it and eventually it just went away. I of course felt really weird for awhile after this had happened.

The blog is named "Paranormal Maniac" for a specific reason. When we first started to go out ghost hunting back in October of 2002 we wanted to have a cool name. Everyone else was named like North Florida Paranormal Research or something professional sounding. We wanted to be different. So the original name for our group of friends was "Paranormal Maniacs". So the title is in dedication to the people who I have been ghost hunting with in the past. Without you guys and girls I would not of experienced as much as I have and I thank you for that. Plus the name paranormal maniacs is just really a kick ass name for a ghost hunting crew. Who agrees with me on that?

In my conclusion I would like to say that I have had many different experiences throughout my life with the paranormal. Maybe some of mine are not as exciting as some other people. Some other people have probably been through some cooler or more exciting or maybe even more dangerous things then I have. That shouldn't and it doesn't take anything away from the things I have experienced. I feel lucky in some ways to have some of these stories and experiences to share with people. Whether people believe all my stories or not I really don't care. I know in my heart what is true and what is not true. Maybe some people after reading all that I had to say will be more interested in learning about the paranormal. I also do have to say anyone who lives close to me ever feels like taking someone out into the field to ghost hunt or ghost investigate feel free to let me know, I'd be more then happy to experience more things to tell people about. Feel free to comment and share stories with the rest of us. You've all heard my story, now I'd like to hear other ones.


  1. I've had too many encounters with the dead.. How ever one point in time, speaking poltergeist level or demonic strangeness wise..
    I was maybe around the age of nine or eight..My family moved into a small farm house in the summerville area. My mom was quite pleased with the home, and really excited so was I and my younger sister, we had our own room finally. My older sister was as now, a little piss pot.
    So any how.. after a week of us being moved in, we all noticed strange occurrences in the home, sulfar smell. Which it was an old home, and well water area.
    Never thought it more than that. Sometimes phantom smells of burning wood, or jasmine like sweetness.
    Seemed real minor at first. Lights going on and off, strange noises, smells. From the basement or attic you could hear running, or little grunts. Sometimes, large booms. Gun shots. Some one crying.
    We once heard a child crying, more then once.
    What progressively got worse, were, one afternoon my younger sister was playing in our room, with an imaginary friend, we shared one, his named was william. We called him Willy.
    There were several ghosts in-fact. And one my mother thought to this day, the devil. Why im not sure.
    But, things started to get very tense and uncomfortable environment in our home after seven or so months..My younger sister would complain at night something would bite, hit or scratch her. She had bruises, and etc on her legs. I was slapped in the face once, and had the same scratches and bruises.
    My mother thought it had been us getting into quarrels. until one day, we were playing in our room, when a shelf slammed into my sister back and the light did this weird high pitched sound and burst.
    Then over the next several months, a ghost would start saying our names at night from my mothers side of the house.
    Well needless to say my mom had found out.. the house had been raided in the civil war by union soldiers and killed some folks.. Then during the 60's and 70's two families were murder in the home, and during the mid 80's a woman who lost her child, hung her self in the attic, and in the basement, a man had been shot while being robbed.
    Most terrifying one was before we moved in, the land lord kicked out a group of people who had been having satanic masses in the basement, and our room.
    My mother didn't believe it until one afternoon she had been cleaning our room, and one of the floor boards under our bed had been loose, she undid the boards, to find what seemed the skeletal remains of a baby, and cat. Then a pentagram carved in the middle.
    Needless to say, we left our happy little farm house of horrors.
    Still to this day, my family talks about it.
    And well I have lived in many haunted homes, but never one that awful.

    1. I think I just now finally saw this comment. I was rereading this journal entry for the first time in a long time.

      Thank you for sharing this story and might I just say...wow, that is just some crazy shit. I am thankful that I've never experienced anything quite like that.