The Origin of the Green Giant

I'm sure people have questioned what is up with the green giant. Yes there is an actual story behind the green giant that I have. It isn't just some weird thing that I thought was cool someday to get and have around. So I figured I'd take some time to share "the origin of the green giant" with you all.

Back in 03 when I started working at Publix I was moved to the frozen food department. In between the aisles there was this jolly green giant up there. He had a name tag on him. I'm not entirely sure what the name was, I believe the name was Doug. Anyways since frozen food didn't have alot of displays I was curious if there was one to this.

It was explained to me that before I had come there that there was another stock clerk who worked in frozen food. Really nice guy from what I was told. He was a tall guy so people called him "the jolly green giant". Well saddly right before I got to that store he had some health problems and he passed away. I think it was a heart attack. To honor his memory they put his name on the green giant and left it on display.

How did I get it? Well eventually we got new management in the store. They did not want the green giant in the section anymore. So they decided to toss him back by the dumpster. I had no idea that they did this. When they did I went and got the green giant and put him back by the lockers near the frozen food coolers. The green giant was in dedication to someone who had worked there before so I couldn't just let them throw it away.

People use to have alot of fun with the green giant at work, as you can tell if you have seen some of my facebook pictures. He was hung from the rafters in the backroom like he was committing suicide or something. People got bored apparently? The green giant for some of us was like a "centerpiece" for fun or conversation at work.

Eventually I was told that the green giant had to be removed or he was going to get thrown out. I couldn't let the green giant be thrown out so I decided to take him home. The green giant has been with me ever since. Back in the Florida before I moved back to Wisconsin the green giant was a popular attraction at our parties. Many people took pictures by him. Someone made a smirnoff box helmet for him. They also gave him nuts and a straw penis at one point too. I took him back to Milwaukee with me and he remains in my living room area upstairs. I like to think he watches over and protects the room.

So yes there was an actual story to the green giant. I don't think I will ever throw him away cause not only was he dedicated to someone who had passed away but there are quite a few memories and good times associated with him.

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  1. I think the green giant is the shexiest stuffed male ever >_> my gaH! hunk of greenness!