Lacking motivation...unless I am writing

It is just after 1am here. I really do not feel tired at all, which is weird cause on the majority of nights I am asleep by now, but not tonight. Nope I feel wide awake. What better way to kill some time then by boring people to death with a blog.

I'm really quite happy I have been in "writing mode" lately. My last few blogs I really liked. I'm glad I got the whole paranormal one out in the open. Though it was pretty long and I wonder if the length of it detered some people from reading it. One thing I am learning though is I can't write for other people and expect them to read my stuff. I write for myself. Writing makes me happy and it is about the best way to express myself. Who cares if one person reads it or a hundred people read it?

I really hope that I get a phone call this week about a job. I desperately need one. I'm sick of the same old routine that I have been doing for years now. I need a change. Hell my routine is getting so old that at the moment I haven't even really been on WoW. It's about time Nick. There was a period of 3-4 days last week in which I was probably on for a total of 10 hours and seeing as how I can spend 10 hours a day on that stupid game sometimes that is a dramatic improvement. It comes down to finding other things to occupy my time. Whether it be writing or something else. Now if I could just get a job to occupy my time I'd be even happier.

So the Packers started preseason this past Saturday. I hate preseason. I don't really watch it all too much cause yeah most of the people playing aren't even starters or people who will make the team. I am excited for football season starting but yeah preseason is boring.

I love how my music playlist goes from something like Metallica to music from the 50s. I love alot of music. I know back in the day I was only like into a few bands and it was pretty much like oh screw the rest. Now I like pretty much anything, well almost anything. I get teased for having Britney Spears in my music files. So what if I actually enjoy a few of her songs?

Beavis and Butthead are going to finally be making a return to tv. Hell yes! That has got to be one of my favorite shows of all time. I have the three volumes of the collection. I've almost watched them all now. I just love that show, makes me laugh. I also almost half all the Buffy the Vampire Slayer seasons too. Missing season six and seven. I also really love that show. Other shows I use to watch alot are: Roseanne, The Wonder Years, That 70s Show, and Saved by the Bell. There aren't many current shows that I watch. The remake of V I watched and I watch the teenage show Degrassi. Yes I admit I watch the show. I don't know, I was flipping through the station one day and I came across it and I am like well this is kinda interesting. The show kinda grew on me.

It finally feels a little bit cooler here. Thank God. As I said before I know our weather hasn't been as bad as some other places but yeah it hasn't been really enjoyable. Maybe now I'll have the motivation to finally get back out walking.

Well though I lack motivation in a few areas at least I have the motivation to write a bit. I guess that counts for something huh? If I was as motivated about certain things as I am about my writing then the world of The Nick would be a better place. Let's work on that? Maybe next time I write a blog I won't be so boring and pointless and just rambling. I would think that after 9 years of doing this I would pretty much figure I'm not about to change. In reality though have I not changed since the livejournal days? Though I have to admit rereading some of that stuff now a days is pretty darn funny.

Until next time....take care and goodnight.

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  1. I lack motivation for lot's of things..even cleaning O_O gawd i hate cleaning