I'm hiding

"I'm hiding from the things they say
Doing time and lead astray
Thinking back to times of yesterday
I could fly

I'm trying to find a better way

But I'm trapped
Can't get away
All I think is about yesterday
I could fly"

Funny how turning on music can get someone inspired to write...and well name the blog after the song. It's been awhile, of course because I'm really too lazy to put my thoughts into words. Which is really dumb of me cause since I'm always thinking about something wouldn't it be more effect to write what I'm thinking?

Life is...well I'm just going to use "boring" as the word of choice. Last summer milwaukee was blessed with descent temperatures. Wasn't too hot, wasn't too cool. Was just perfect. This summer however, it's been very warm and humid. More humid then it really ever is. Usually we get a break for a bit but this summer it's been nonstop. It gets kinda ridiculous after awhile. though I shouldn't complain all too much because some people in other states have been way hotter then us. I am thankful however that I have the ac unit upstairs this year cause if I didn't I would of died by now. My room, with the exception of the basement, is the coolest room in the house.

I've been searching to get a job. Yes I need one. I'm going insane not having one. Money would be great. It would give me something to do and yeah it is just time for me to get back into the working world. One problem...no one seems to want me. Maybe I'm going about it in the wrong way? Maybe there is just something that I am missing or overlooking? Obviously my main choice would to get back into working at a grocery store. I have alot of experience in various departments and whatnot. It would make the most sense. No one wants me though. not even for part time work. It is really frustrating that with probably about 5 years of grocery store experience that I can not get into one. Maybe I am really just destine to write a book and hope it becomes a big seller?

Been slowly getting back into exercising and watching what I eat. It is kinda hard at the moment because I don't do everything that I would like to do...ie walking. I would go for walks but man it is just so muggy out all the damn time it would be difficult. Either way I wake up in the morning and at least go on the exercise bike. The other thing I do is I usually cut myself off from eatting anything after 8pm. Last time I used that method I lost about 35 pounds. Let's do it again?

Reva is coming back here to visit me in october. I'm really excited to see her again. I miss her alot. 1200 miles really sucks. Who ever thought that long distance relationships was such a good idea should be shot. I'm not complaining too much though cause I'm happy and I am lucky to have found someone like her.

In October I'll be going to my first concert in nearly 6 years. That is a very long time for me. I use to love going to concerts. Last one I was at was metallica and godsmack back in November of 04. This time around I am going to see Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax. It will be the first time seeing Slayer and Anthrax in concert. That will be cool since I've been wanting to see them for a very long time now. plus I get to go with Reva when she is here. Aww our first concert together.

I really want to get into writing, not just these blogs but something more. I really wish I could challenge myself enough to actually write a story or book or whatever. I know in my heart I can do it. I would probably feel so much better about many things if I could accomplish that.

There is alot more I'd like to write about and talk about but I'll save it for another time...which is forcing me to have to write another blog soon. Good plan Nick...now just stick to it. Until then take care everyone. That is if anyone actually does read my blogs.

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