I want to ride my bicycle

I'm ready for fall to be here. I guess Milwaukee isn't as bad as some other places but yeah this summer has been warmer then usual. Definetly warmer then last summer. Last summer was descent weather pretty much the entire time. I guess in a few months I'll probably be bitching about how cold and snowy it is here. Never can be a happy medium I guess?

Not all too much is going on in the world of The Nick lately. I guess that could be a good thing maybe? At least unlike the last time I wrote I'm in a somewhat ok mood. Hours of midget porn will put anyone in a good mood. I'm kidding, I don't have any midget porn in the house...or do I? You know now that I'm on the subject of porn, since I got this new computer back in March it has been porn free. I'm sure people won't believe that, but it's true. I have a semi descent computer and I want it to remain that way.

Two weeks from tomorrow starts the NFL regular season. Yay. Favre is returning. Big deal. I think the Packers have a good shot to go somewhere this year. They are going to have the beat the Vikings this year to prove that. I am leaning towards a Packers-Colts superbowl. As far as Favre is concerned, he should of stayed retired. That is as far as I'll go with talking about him. Go Pack!

Here is the part of the blog where the WoW nerd comes out. On Wednesday night we finally downed the Lich King in 10 man. The guild had downed him months earlier but not everyone had downed him, including me. I don't believe that the Lich King fight is really even that hard. The hardest part is paying attention to the many things that are going on and worrying about one person fucking up and wiping the raid. Saddly it is a fight where if one person screws up it is possible that the fight is over. Two months ago was like the first time I had ever seen the fight. So finally downing him was nice. Though we did not attempt him in 10 man every single week for the last two months. It has been here and there. Downing him however was bittersweet for alot of us. I had never finished the "end" content back pre-bc or even in bc so this was nice. I am glad I transfered off that horrible piece of shit server Aerie Peak for Velen. In the process I've met some pretty cool people. Though oddly enough I am pretty quiet for the most part around them. Maybe I just need to get drunk during raid one night and go on vent and be "drunken Nick"? Anyways with everything done, time to quit WoW! Ok, maybe not...well not yet anyways.

It also came to my attention that I actually do have a few readers. Woot. I like writing for the actual writing aspect. If I wrote blogs cause I wanted people to read it and comment all the time then I would be greatly disappointed. I write because it is the one thing in life I greatly enjoy and I think I'm good at it. Though I have to say it is nice to know I have some readers. Maybe I make a difference in one of two people's lifes. One can hope at least right?

I don't talk much about my father in my blogs. God forbid I say something and then a family member reads it and tells him "do you know your son is talking about you on the internet?". He does make life interesting though from time to time. I know I am pretty bad at complaining sometimes but I definetly can see where I get it from. I'm going to give examples of how he is. First off he really hated the bowflex commerical. When it would come on he would get all mad and start yelling at the tv. "Am I really going to look like that in a month?". Then he would proceed to sometimes throw something at the tv. 1-800 commericals. You know how they repeat the number alot of times? He will sit there and say "What was that number again?". He doesn't believe they have to say it more then once apparently. Watching football. Sometimes I refuse to watch football with him. If a team doesnt do something on every single play he will complain. Like let me use this as an example. The Packers just get the football. On first down they run and get 1-2 yards. He starts complaining. "Wow give the ball to him 100 times he will get 100 yards!". I think that is something he actually said before. Second down they run again. This time maybe 3 yards. "OOO we are making progress". Third down...incomplete pass. More complaining. Hard to watch football with someone who almost makes comments on every single play. The best example I can give is for news. Milwaukee has 4 newschannels. He will literally switch back and forth between them all day long. He then will complain "you had this story on earlier!". Well yes when you watch some of news at 11, 12, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, and 10 there won't be many different stories on. You can't explain this to him either btw. Then with the weather forecast. They always report for the whole viewing area. Usually like 50 miles or so around Milwaukee on each side. He hates this ALOT. They always give the temperature or show cameras and whatnot from Waukesha or Port Washington first and every single time he says "Do I live in Port Washington? Do I live in Waukesha?". "Why do I care about Port Washington, I don't live there"?. I think just earlier he actually said "Who lives in Port Washington?". Apparently he doesn't get that the newscast is for everyone in the viewing area. Anyways I am not complaining, I'm just sharing how "interesting" life can be around him sometimes.

September is almost here. Can we just skip to October though? Please? I'm looking forward to October. I always like the month of October. This year even more so am I looking forward to it. Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax concert. Reva will be here for awhile. Yep good times ahead!

The title of the blog I got from "Bicycle Race" by Queen. It came on my playlist as I was ending the blog. Also look at my facebook videos. Me, Josh, and Andrew kinda sang this song back in the day at Publix.

Anyways, I'm sure I'll be back again soon.


  1. you didn't mention what it's like to drive with your father and his running commentary :)

  2. lol. You are right. I don't know how I could of forgotten about that. There is "constant" talking or bitching when he is on the road. Surprisingly enough I drove from Florida to Wisconsin with him and my uncle and I survived the trip lol.

  3. My mom yells at me when i drive her around..Yet she's the one who taught me to drive.. O_O haha xD i just pet her head and tell her to buckle up. Maaaaan....she hates that!
    I have no idea why im talking about this..
    GREAT BLOG..^_^