I have seen the top of the mountain. And it is good.

Normally when I write, or blog I have a specific topic. Today, I will not have a specific topic. Today I will just be rambling on about a bunch of stuff that I pretend to know alot about. Wait, don't I normally ramble anyways? I suppose this won't be any different then a "normal" Nick blog then.

Let's start off with Brett Favre. People were tired of this crap a few years ago. Now I'm getting tired of it myself. He is my favorite football player, he has been for a number of years now. Enough is enough though. Without adding more fuel to the fire all I am going to say is please just retire already. You have accomplished enough the way it is. You have a super bowl ring, records, MVP awards, etc. Just leave. The Vikings will not go to the super bowl this year and even if they did they will not win. So just go. Oh and to the Milwaukee/Wisconsin media and radio, please shut the hell up about Favre already. You guys say you are over him and his drama and are glad he isn't a Packer but yet you still manage to find the time to add your two cents? Just stop.

Ever wonder how some people can do something totally horrible to a friend or someone they loved and they never really give a second thought to their actions? It seems like oh well sucks to be them but hey it doesn't really effect me? I wonder how some people actually live with themselves or get by in life knowing how much of a jackass they are. Granted I am far from perfect, I have my faults, but I have learned to admit when I'm wrong or when I am treating someone like shit. Some people I guess just really do not care who they walk over or kick down to the ground. Just remember for every person you have ever stepped on that same exact thing can and most likely will happen to you some day. Before anyone thinks I am talking about anyone specific here, I'm not. Just some random thoughts.

I keep on reading stuff about the world ending and disasters and this and that. It is horrible to see what is happening in the world. Earthquakes, flooding, death, etc etc. Newsflash to people though, how is this any different from what has been going on since the beginning? I know 2012 is coming up and alot of people are panicing and freaking out. OH MY GOD, the world is coming to an end. Frankly people if the world is going to end in 2012 there is really not a whole hell of alot you can do about it. It can not be stopped. If it happens, it happens. The best you can do is make peace with yourself or your family and try to enjoy life the best you can. I've been wanting to do a blog specifically on 2012 and end of the world crap, I still might. Lets add to the end of the world frenzy...woo hoo!

If the world doesn't end in 2012 there is always September 14th of 2047. Yes people on that date God is supposely going to get sick and tired of offering us protection and he is going to let the aliens come down to slaughter us. How are the aliens suppose to slaughter us? They will beat us to death with gigantic burritos. Gigantic burritos? Seriously? You heard it folks burritos will be the death of us. Personally I think this scenario would make for a good movie. I think it would be humorous to see aliens coming at us with burritos. Let me ask you people something? When 2047 comes and supposely aliens come down carrying burriots and are about to kill us with them what is your reaction going to be? Will you be scared? Will you be dumbfounded as to what is going on? Or will you be laughing your ass off cause the site of an alien beating people with burritos is, well sorta funny? I think I may have a chance of dying of laughter before a burrito ever hits me.

Here is the most likely scenario for 2012. You all will have to bear with me because I do have an active imagination. I have yet to play an important part in the world. I like to write but I'm sure like only 2 people read my blogs, maybe more. Eventually I will have a major role in the destruction of mankind. On December 21st of 2012 the world will not end. The Mayan calendar ends because it is the dawn of a new era. On that date the antichrist will be born. He will eventually sometime during his adulthood act out all that is said in the book of revelation. Mankind will be destroyed and Jesus will come back. Ok, so what does this have to do with me? This boy will be my son. On December 21st of 2012 my wife/girlfriend will give birth to a baby boy and he will grow up to the antichrist. You heard it here folks, the end of the world is coming and it will be because of me!

Ok so maybe that was a bit off the wall. But do you see how easy it is for someone to foretell the future? Anyone can do it. By the way if that does happen I'm going to officially freak out. Probably name my son Lucifer too. I guess it would go kinda well with the whole scenario. People have to excuse me though, I am known to have a really weird sense of humor. Some people get it, some people don't. I don't mean to offend people but if I do...lighten the hell up a bit.

Truth be told...midgets terrify me. I tell everyone that I'm into midgets and I love midget porn and this and that. They scare me. Seriously, have you ever actually seen a midget up close? I think I'm looking at someone who just remains a kid forever. Last time I saw a midget was when I worked at Publix back in 2005. I had to walk away and go in the backroom. My inital reaction was to laugh. I did not want to laugh right in front of them so I hid in the backroom. Why was I laughing though? I really don't know. I guess sometimes when I'm uneasy about something I find myself laughing. I guess it is easier to say I have an obsession with midgets then to face the actual truth. What am I scared of? That I don't really know either. Maybe I'm scared that if I get too close they will bite my ankles or something. If any of my readers are midgets, I'm sorry but you scare me. How awkward would it be for a woman who is 7 feet tall (yeah I know that rarely happens) to be dating a 3 foot tall midget? I couldn't imagine how their sex life would be. I guess the only way he would ever get a blowjob would be either him laying down on the bed or her laying down on the bed with him on her face. I would imagine a midget being there waving his dick around in someone's face would be kinda....weird?

Where did I get the title to my blog from? Come on, I know someone knows.

Back in high school people told me I should be a pornstar or director for porn movies. "Nick uncut" or something like that. I couldn't see me being in an actual porno movie though. There isn't many people that have seen me naked and I don't think I'd want the entire world to see me naked. On top of that...naked and having sex with front of other people. Yeah totally not for me. Porn director, hmmm new career in the making? Well it would totally beat sitting on my ass doing nothing but yeah I don't think so.

Anyways I don't know exactly where I am going with this blog. Though I do have to say just writing randomly about a bunch of various and well rather pointless things were rather entertaining. Writing/blogging shouldn't have to be serious all the time. It should be fun and somewhat entertaining. I like to think I'm a unique and creative individual so why not share that with my readers regardless of how weird it might get.


  1. Your an odd cookie nick >_>!

    1. Thanks. I take that as a compliment.

      Oh and after re-reading this blog my own prediction for Dec 21st, 2012 didn't happen unless I do have a kid out there that I don't know about.