the past

goodbye. good riddens. hope to never see you again. always such easy words to say but never an easy thing to put into action. isnt it usually tough to put your words into action though? i think alot of people have this problem. why? i think the biggest thing is fear. people fear change. people fear moving on. people fear not having control over their lifes. people fear putting their words into action because they fear what may happen. fear is one thing that controls many of our daily lives.

the past. so many of us live in the past. whether it be remembering the good times or the bad times we talk about things that have happened to us. it isnt a bad thing to live in the past. it becomes a problem when all you seem to remember is bad things that have happened in the past. i'm definetly guilty of this one myself. today though im going to look back at what happened in the past and like what i said in the beginning im going to say goodbye. i'm going to say everything "bad" or "good" thing that has happened to me has made me into the person i am today. i've learned from my experiences and my mistakes and cause of it i am a better person.

so to all the people who may have caused me any sort of pain, suffering, broken my heart, lied to me, cheated on me, made fun of me, told lies about me, etc...i would just like to say thank you. thank you for putting me through enough shit that helped me become a better and stronger person. i couldnt of done it without you.

today i put behind the "bad" moments of the past. i say goodbye, good riddens, and farewell. you may not be totally forgetten but it will never rule my life again.

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  1. way to go nick! O_O least your throwing them out the door.