boredom kills

boredom has forced me into writing. which i guess is not necessarily a bad thing but am i going to really have a point to this blog? do i have a point to most blogs? does it really matter? i mean its a good thing that im writing. i think thats all that matters.

no this isnt my "2012 the world is going to end blog"...thats still a work in progress. though who knows if that one will really be any good.

around this time of year...thanksgiving...i usually am in a funk. i dont feel like doing anything. im sad. im upset. im depressed. its been an ongoing thing for a long time. which i suppose is understandable seeing as how what ive dealt on that date in the past. in example my mom having a heart attack on thanksgiving day. that was how many years ago though? going to be 21 years ago this year. this year though so far i seem to be ok. i seem to be more bored and anxious then anything. i suppose though it would be that or crying my eyes out. which is better?

ive said it before and im sure i will say it again but i really do like facebook. its nice finding people that you use to go to school with or you use to talk to but lost contact with. i really like it for the fact that now some people i may have wondered about i have a general idea of whats going on in their life...or i just like stalking people. am i the stalker type? hmm maybe i shouldnt ask that to the general public to answer.

this football season has kinda just been crappy. i love football. ever since i was a little kid i have watched the packers. i was about the age of 8. when i first started watching them man did they suck. but it was still fun to watch them despite 4-12 records. then came the brett favre era. over the next 16 years they had one losing season which was back in 05. oddly thats the same year i moved back to wisconsin from florida. welcome home nick! maybe its cause of me the packers were cursed that year. anyways back to what i was saying. with favre they had one losing season. won alot of divison titles and even went to a few super bowls, winning one of them. i was so much into football at one time in my life that i use to psyche myself out and say well if the packers lose this week im going to have a bad upcoming week. funny part is it usually worked out like that too. yes folks i let how the packers played week in and week out determine how my upcoming weeks were going to go. messed up i know. its sad to see what has happened since favre has left the packers. 6-10 last year. 5-4 this year. but i think this year is disappointing cause they looked so strong in the preseason. i dunno hopefully the year gets better.

the whole favre thing really just annoys me. granted he has this big ego and he feels like he can do whatever he wants but he is an amazing football player who still at the age of 40 plays the game better then people who are like 15 years younger then him. i really think the packers screwed up with getting rid of him. well ok i understand they wanted to get rodgers out there and develop him but i really think favre was pushed out the door. his i want to retire no i dont want to retire thing was getting out of hand but i really think he felt like the organization didnt want him anymore. did they really want him anymore? normally teams who are comfortable with their starting quarterback dont draft a qb in the 1st round. i think that sent a clear message saying hey someday you wont be here. i really dont care that he is playing for the vikings and doing well. i think its great. i keep reading and hearing shit about how he is overrated and he flops in the playoffs. favre has always been one to take changes and put the game on his shoulders which makes him a very reckless player at times and he will make mistakes. overrated? mine you he is a super bowl winner and he has tons of records for passing. also look of the list of receivers he has had over the years. solid receivers yes...big time receivers? no. marino is hailed by many to be one of the greatest qbs of all time and guess what? he doesnt not have a super bowl ring...favre on the other hand at least does. that concludes my rant about favre. i had thought of other things to say awhile back but i kinda forgot them.

im going to take something that i hear from my father day in and day out. you always hear on tv how people are overweight and they need to lose weight and eat better and this and that. sorta funny when you have a weight loss commerical on the tv followed by a mcdonald's commerical. is that supposed to really help people? i mean one minute someone may be like ok i think maybe i need to lose weight but then they see this mcdonalds commerical and thing well gee that double cheeseburger looks pretty damn good right about now. they want people to lose weight and be healthy but yet they do things like that.

in conclusion this blog was pretty just useless. me rambling on about stuff...wait have i not done that for years anyways? i guess even though i dont demand people comment about things i say i am sort of curious if i actually do have any readers or i intrigue people enough to read my useless blogs. i like to think i tend to make a difference in at least one or two people's lifes. until next time...take care.


  1. yay for boredum, if that's what it takes to get you to write then so be it! take care of you :) I like reading your updates!!

  2. Boredom.. you should make a blog disguised as a latin serial killer..Holy shit that would be bombastic :3!!!