hey you

"Hey you, out there in the cold
Getting lonely, getting old
Can you feel me?
Hey you, standing in the aisles
With itchy feet and fading smiles
Can you feel me?
Hey you, dont help them to bury the light
Don't give in without a fight."

hey you by pink floyd, such a good song. pink floyd in general...great band. great music. the first time i ever really listened to pink floyd was the entire wall cd at a halloween party. good times. trying to remember if i was drunk that night, im sure i was.

i know a few people are expecting a blog from me about some of this 2012 crap that we keep hearing. yes folks it is coming but right now in my mind i have a million different things going on at once. i figure i just do something else first.

i decided against posting anymore of my football picks. i figure its boring and no one pays attention to them anyways. the summary of my football picks is im descent at picking football games. oh wow big deal!

so my health. i seem to be doing ok. well with the exception of anxiety. i seem to be a bit more anxious the past few days. which is not shocking since i just said in a previous paragraph that i have alot brewing in my head. the anxiety atm seems to be something i have a grip on so thats good. otherwise yeah im ok. i went to the clinic again last week and my blood pressure was lower. still not great but lower. so i was put on my pills. which now that i think about it i forgot to take one of my pills tonight. damn it. no wonder why i feel a bit anxious. lol.

im still exercising...walking and whatnot. walking seems to be a new part of my life. im still doing well with watching what i eat. well ok so maybe ive had a few cheat dates here and there but with the holidays coming up thats not shocking. but i stand at 35 pounds lost since about the middle part of july. not bad...not bad at all.

cat is doing well. he is a pain in the ass at times but he is really adorable and sweet. im glad to have a cat around, minus all the cat fur that seems to bother the ever living hell out of me. he has a little bit of a personality. its kinda funny. he also craves attention. but he is a very sweet cat so its all good. i can do without the climbing and meowing all over me in the mornings however.

my weird dreams continue. but after looking some of them up and thinking about them some events in the dreams make sense. they pretty much revolve around the same meaning such as: putting the past behind me, getting over some of my fears and personal demons to achieve what i want out of life, changing bad habits, etc. the theme of a recent dream without going into detail about it was being able to achieve all my goals if i can dissolve certain things in my life. positive things. i also believe this year despite negative aspects has done alot for me and it will be a stepping stone to improving my future.

i did see the movie 2012. of course i liked the movie. i like those doomsday type movies, go figure since ive always had this fasicination with the end of the world. though it would be interesting to actually have a doomsday type movie where no one actually lives or 99.9 percent of the population is dead. in every movie they make they give us some hope that mankind can live on and maybe thats a good thing cause im sure man could find a way to live but come on we are talking about doomsday...the end of the world. why not actually do a movie in which ok doomsday comes and not a single person is left cause isnt that the point of what doomsday is all about? yes i know its hollywood but all those movies have the same theme. man lives on and blah blah blah rebuilds the world blah blah blah. change it up a bit and just totally kill off everyone. back to the movie though i thought it was pretty interesting with parts of it being unbelieveable of course. gives people alot to think about. what are my thoughts of 2012 though, not the movie the actual event? ill save that for a special blog...sorry.

i love writing. i like writing these blogs. as useless and random as they can seem at time its nice to just sit back and type out some stuff that i am thinking even if people dont care about it nor do they read about it that doesnt matter to me. tapping into my head and typing gives me a sense of accomplishment...even if its really nothing special at all. im sure ill be writing more stuff in the coming weeks. as i read more stuff and gather my thoughts i am going to write something about 2012 until then take care everyone.

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  1. pink floyd<3
    KNew a guy named Sherwin, Who used to get stoned with me and start crying while listening to floyd. And would be all over me crying. And i told him at one point, dude it's okay! Your an over grown mutant. But life's not this bad. And don't cry on me... I'll kill you if you do again..

    Niiiiiiiice ^5!