some heads are gonna roll

"If the man with the power
Cant keep it under control
Some heads are gonna roll
Some heads are gonna roll"

funny how a simple song can just inspire me to write. i dont know what was so inspiring about "some heads are gonna roll" by judas priest but eh whatever works i suppose.

judas priest has been a favorite band of mine for many years. lets say since i was oh god 11? so thats about 19 years. i havent known many people who like them either. people like random songs but thats about it. i really got into them back in the day thanks to an old bf of marys. his name was dave. i hung around him alot. he introduced me to alot of different bands. i never knew that rob halford was gay either. i mean come on am i that oblivious at times? i didnt find out until the late 90s that he was gay and i'm like oh yeah things make alot of sense now. then i went on to say oh big deal, so he is gay...he still is an amazing singer and judas priest kicks ass. i dont get why some people wont listen to certain music cause someone in the band is gay or whatever. who the hell really cares? who actually cares if a person is gay or not? its their preference.

and yes another blog named after a song. its a trend that i cant break. sorry! doesnt mean im any less creative!

labor day weekend. ah what fun. actually its just another holiday to me. i dunno im not really all too big on holidays. halloween is still my favorite though. oh one year i would love to go into an old cemetary on halloween and spend the entire night in there. that would be totally awesome. or maybe even get involved in a ghost hunt in a really haunted place or something. i dunno. those options sound good though. as far as other holidays...eh. christmas though has promise.

i know i keep mentioning in random notes/surveys about december time and im sure everyone is dying to know what is so special about this upcoming december. sorry...i cant tell you all. =P i know how mean of me. get everyones hopes up and then crush them. ha! well see its more like i have a tendancy to jinx myself and i be damned if im jinxing myself again.

im doing ok though. slowly looking into getting a job. however i have health problems and im kinda wondering if i should try to take care of that first then focus on a job or try to do both at the same time. i really hate to get a job and then i dunno have to take time off right away due to some random bullshit. though i think i am finally going to at least go to a free clinic this upcoming week so i can just get some stuff checked out. i really do need to get stuff checked out. i also really need a job. one thing ive learned is i just need to be patience. things will work out in the end.

so random weird dreams. yep i dont think they will ever stop for me. but hey on the plus side it gives me some interesting stuff to think bout during the day after i have them. of course im kinda having a hard time remembering some of my more recent ones. the one last night kinda stands out. lol.

my old best friend brent was in the dream. he was apparently locked up in a mental hospital and they were doing all kinds of crazy shit to him i guess. so in comes super hero nick to save the day. well apparently in one of the rooms there was a major water leak and they needed a plumber. i figure if i distract his main doctor by posing as a plumber to fix this room and the pipes i could then find a way to sneak him out of the hospital. i remember in the dream fucking up the pipes in the room so water leaked everywhere. then i remember having to get naked to change clothes and all my damn clothes were wet. i dont know. very odd. the doctor gave me a 10 minute time frame to fix the pipes. so in 10 mins i had to screw around with that, change clothes and rush to get him out of the hospital. so after a bit i put on clothes. snuck out of the room which was severely flooded. i found brent and dragged his ass out of the hospital. he was injured so he was walking slowly so i practically dragged him to a truck where we took off. i dont know...very very weird. i should try to look up meanings for the dream.

anyways i felt like writing so there we go. the title has nothing to do with the blog but thats ok!


  1. friends in mental hospitals.. surprises for december.. Dude.. you're lucid. ^_^

  2. judas priest looks good in leather!