fight fire with fire

"Fight fire with fire
Ending is near
Fight fire with fire
Bursting with fear
We all shall die"

morbid start to my blog. im sorry. that song was in my head at the time that i opened up the window. old metallica ftw. what metalhead can say they dont like at least the old metallica stuff? me on the other hand ive liked just bout everything they have done. im open to all types of music like that. i say that as a sheena easton song pops on my playlist. hey i cant help it, morning train was a catchy tune!

and how is nick? nick isnt too bad. wow is this the same nick who in some of his blogs talked bout depression and negative this and negative that. yes folks, may be hard to believe but im that same nick. im not going to say everything is 100% perfect cause who the hell is ever 100% perfect all the time anyways? and if they are i have to call bullshit. i dont think its humanly possible. ok i rambled...like i do and got off track. nick is doing ok. i still have various little health issues but i guess if i can remain stress free as much as i can i feel ok.

got a haircut yesterday. it looks good. and thank god for someone who knows how to listen and do exactly what i wanted. i dread getting my haircut cause they never do it the way i want it done and this lady got it right. finally. thank you god for putting a woman on this planet who listens to me! yeah i had to put in a woman bashing comment, it wouldnt be me if i didnt. many people know im just joking when i do, or do they?

job hunting. i really dont see why i should have a problem getting into a grocery store if i really put forth an effort. granted a grocery store job isnt something to like i dunno go ape shit over but its respectable work. i like it. as much as i bitched about publix and sentry i enjoyed working in grocery stores. with all my experience im sure someone is bound to pick me up. of course experience could work against me. thinking that cause of my experience i should get paid more. well its true, i should but really i dont give a shit. i want to get my foot in the door somewhere and start over.

facebook. u know at the beginning of the year i said it was gay. now i am hooked. there are cool little games to play on there but for the most part its because ive been able to reconnect with old friends and people who sorta just disappeared out of my life. i really like it. ive done alot of reconnecting with old friends. and even if i dont talk to all the people who i add to facebook at least i can keep tabs on what is going on in their lifes...something i didnt do before.

speaking of old friends. i may be getting together soon with an old friend of mine from grade school...tommy. its been like 16 years since i last seen him. very long time. we were pretty descent friends in grade school. we went to different middle schools and then at first we were in the same high school but because i didnt want to go to bay view i transfered out to tech. the last time i saw him was at bay view. kinda funny how so much time can pass and then you get a chance to reconnect with someone.

so i had a very weird dream. it started off as a nightmare. if u refer back to my blog "all nightmare long" i talked about some dreams i had reoccuring and whatnot. well this one was one of those freddy krueger dreams. after all these years that son of a bitch can still manage to freak me out. i think it really sucks cause i like his movies. i think he is hilarious. anyways i dont remember much of what happened in the dream i know that somehow i got freddys glove and i assisted him in killing someone. not on purpose, it was like i had no control over it. that wasnt the weird part of the dream. next thing i know im in a limo, i believe it was a limo. i had this chick on top of me. yes we were having sex. but this chick wasnt really human. she was an alien. she was green too. which i guess makes sense in a way since green is my favorite color next to black. she sorta resembled one of the twileks from star wars. dont even say it ananda! i know what u are thinking and yes when i played swg i had a thing for twileks. i couldnt help it! anyways so yeah i was in a limo with this alien chick and we were having sex. you know for being an alien though she was kinda hot. yeah as you all can tell now i havent had sex in a long time, but we wont get into that.

cant really think of what else to write about now. well there are a few things but ill save them for later times.

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  1. Someone has been playing sims 2 waaaaay to much >_<! green aliens of sex..in LIMOS...nick :X!!!