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it occured to me that since im probably opening myself up to a wider audience of people, people who dont necessarily know me maybe i should take it upon myself to give a brief insight to who i am. few people have followed my writings from the livejournal days and my myspace days so they have a good idea of me...alot of people are new to reading my blogs. so now i thought would be a good time to introduce myself.

my name is nick. short for nicholas. everyone just calls me nick. its shorter and easier to say and hey rhymes with alot of words. sick, tick, click...dick. i am 30 years old. sometimes i act like i have the mental capacity of a 5 year old. or i act like a teenager due to all my perverted jokes. but hey nothing wrong with being a pervert.

i live in milwaukee, wisconsin. lived here the majority of my life with the exception of a few years in which i lived in asheville, nc, fort lauderdale and west palm beach, fl. milwaukee isnt too bad i suppose. i just really dont have much friends here anymore.

lets see im jobless, im a high school dropout, i dont have a license, and i live at home. gee what a loser i am. everyone makes stupid or questionable choices in life, im not exception. i have tended to take the hard road through most things. i struggle with it but like people have told me before things like that dont always make someone any less of a person then who they are.

writing is my main hobby. ive been told im very good at it. also been told i need to get off my ass and write award winning books. do i think i could write something that good? definetly. is that why i want to write? not really. i love writing and thats the only reason why i want to write.

i also really love music. i play guitar occasionally. i should say i suck at guitar occasionally but eh. i like a variety of music. my main bands however are metallica, black sabbath, marilyn manson, korn, and evanescence. i like tons of other bands and styles of music. hell britney spears pops on my playlists from time to time. i get shit for it but whatever.

im also realy interested in dreams and hidden meanings behind things that we see within the dreams. i try to analyze dreams i have. alot of it does tend to make sense. its really kinda fasincating to me.

the paranormal interests me alot too. ghost hunting and stuff like that. ive been out ghost hunting before. taken pictures. seen things and heard things that i could not explain. it is alot of fun in my opinion.

other then that i also enjoy watching movies, watching tv, surfing the net, facebook...lol, traveling, nature...just to name a few things.

im the youngest of 6 kids. the oldest being my brother bobby who is about to turn 47. for the most part my family isnt too bad, i guess. lol. im the quiet one. tend to keep to myself alot. ill laugh at jokes. respond when im talked to but otherwise im kinda in my own little world.

elaborating a bit more on the quiet thing. yeah i am pretty shy and i am pretty quiet. as a person gets to know me though i open up quite a bit and i act like myself. how do i act? im a dork. im proud to admit it. i am a huge dork. i like to make people laugh. once i break through the quietness and shyness i think im totally awesome. no ego at all, just being honest.

like everybody else i have my own personal demons. i have a bit of bipolar tendancy. im not diagosed but reading alot of things over the years i fit alot of the categories and symptoms. eh whatever though if im bipolar or if im not what does it matter if i think i have a grip on it. i use to have schizophrenia episodes too. i guess i still kinda do in a few ways. i wont get into details. the majority of it was when i was younger. i also suffer from alot of anxiety problems. it can be pretty bad at times. makes me feel like i cant even do normal daily tasks. alot of my inner turmoil is due to things happening in my life. my mom was sick the majority of my childhood and died in 98, i went through a divorce back at the end of 04 into 05. took me quite awhile to get over. more recently my sister committed suicide. so life isnt always fun and games but ive hung in there.

love life. hmm well been through a divorce before. was with her for 8 years. since then there have been interests here and there. none of them panned out to be much of anything...and some were hopeless from the start lol. however...there is hope in this category. id rather not say more then that cause i have a tendancy to jinx myself but maybe down the road ill have something to blog about.

gee what else could i possibly cover. well here it is though. if people were somewhat curious about me without knowing much about me here is a good blog about who i am...the awesomeness known as "the nick".

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