brain dead and useless

i need to write more. i must bless the world with my ability to write random pieces of crap but make it entirely useless random pieces of crap that people seem to enjoy. though like ive said before i can never tell who reads this anyways because no one leaves me comments! wth people. comment! i want to know who my loyal readers are. i know i have some. darn it.

so whats new with me? hmm. well. i went to the oral surgeon. that was pretty much a waste of time. i had such anxiety and shit from waiting to go that when i got there and he checked me out to let me know what i all needed to get done that he said he couldnt do anything for me until i went to a regular doctor and work on my blood pressure. which was sky high due to anxiety. gah. i dont have a doctor. i havent had a doctor in ages. so yeah kinda stuck now. need to go to a doctor. need to work on my blood pressure. i know the majority of it though is anxiety...so unless i can control my anxiety ill put it in terms to easily understand...IM FUCKED! its fine. ill get set up with a doctor some how. get things checked out...etc.

im cooking dinner for the family next weekend. scary thought! nah not really. im looking forward to it. im making stuffed shells. i havent made them in ages. when i make them i usually do 3 kinds...chicken, cheese, and meat. no one has ever said to me that they didnt rock. lol. i dont think ive cooked for the family before so this is something new. im sure it will be fine and it will be nice to have everyone over...in this house for a change.

been thinking bout some other stuff lately. i want to write books. ive always loved writing, hence my blogs and my old livejournal. i thought bout it, how can i benefit from it though? how can i get more people to read what i write? more importantly, can i actually hold an audience that would want me to write more and alot? ive been kinda thinking of possibly putting myself out there and see if maybe i can make money off writing blogs. i kinda am clueless how i could really go about it and im sure its not the best career option but hell if i can get people to listen to and want to read about what i have to say then im sure it would be cool. i kinda came up with an idea of having my own personal blog bout life and then maybe having a seperate one. what would be in the other blog? well, i have a few options. i dont know though. its something im still thinking bout and considering.

i did get my own domain. i thought it was more "professional" and "cooler" to have my own personal address. i also adjusted the look a bit to this blog if people hadnt noticed.

im looking forward to quite a few things and i have alot to be happy and excited bout but im sorry all those things shall remain hidden...for now. until the time is right. im sure a few people know what im talking about.

anyways, this was a random and pointless blog but i felt like writing and this was the result.


  1. btw the brain dead and useless i got from a ministry song called "useless"

  2. Excited to see what you are going to be writing about!

  3. damn well i wish there was a way to change the anonymous poster thing. that will be the next thing to drive me crazy

  4. O_o i live on the planet Malimarooo...And im beaming those rollery waves right back to you.. Nicks a odd bal xD niiice